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What are the requirements for Sponsorship by an Employer in Australia?


The Australian government is committed to protecting the health of citizens during the outbreak and making sure that skilled migration is in line with the urgent shortage of skilled workers that help in the recovery of Australia from COVID-19.

There are several safeguards that are built into Employer sponsored Visas, which are designed to provide more job opportunities for Australian workers. These safeguards ensure that foreign workers are able to complement Australian workers, rather than replacing them.

Employers are required to make a contribution to the Skilling Australians Fund and also requiring foreign workers to have the required Australian registration, licences and certificates.

Market salary rates must be paid to employees sponsored by employers with a minimum salary of $53,900, limits the types of jobs that qualify for employer sponsorship to those which are found to be in high demand on the Australian labour market.

Sponsorship obligations for Employers

The requirements of employer sponsorship they must meet in their capacity as an employer is an important consideration for businesses that are considering sponsoring foreign workers under the Employer Sponsored Visa scheme.

The Department of Home Affairs has the power to impose sanctions in the event that any of these obligations are not met. Infraction letters, administrative sanctions or sponsors signing an obligation that can be enforced as well as civil penalties are a few examples of these penalties.

Who is eligible to Employer Sponsored Visa?

Any legal, operating business is eligible to become a sponsor. Find out more about different types of sponsorship available and how you can sign up as one. Be aware that organizations or businesses that are participant in a labor agreement can also sponsor foreign workers.

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An organization or company could be granted a range of sponsorships. For instance, they can simultaneously hold a Standard Business Sponsorship as well as a Labour Agreement. Learn the easy Pathway to PR to Australia | Melbourne.

Your obligation to support the visa holder as well as other obligations depend on:

  • Your obligations as an employer
  • The type of visa you and your employee choose

Eliminating Employer sponsored Visa

The following elements can affect the eligibility of an employer’s sponsor:

  • The workplace you work in;
  • The nature of work
  • Future capacities for financial capability and expansion of corporate as well as
  • The real situation

Any legitimately operating and legally established Australian company can solicit sponsorship. We have listed the most important procedure elements that you must be aware of when applying to be a business sponsor as the process of sponsoring a worker who is migrant is quite complicated.

Who Can you support in your sponsored Visa?

If you’re not able to find Australian Citizenship in Melbourne or a permanent resident who has the qualifications and work experience required to fill the position it is possible by sponsoring a qualified person to move to Australia.

Temporary or permanent sponsorship is offered to employees.

An experienced worker can be able to sponsor:

  • A person who is living abroad and wants to work and visit Australia or
  • In Australia with a visa which prohibits workers from working at the present moment or
  • Previously, I lived and worked in Australia on a different visa

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In addition, you can continue to sponsor people who are on a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. People who already have visas are able to work or might be eligible get a visa themselves. It is not necessary to be their sponsor in this situation.


There are numerous issues that may arise when sponsoring an undocumented worker. If you work with a professional you can ensure that both you and the person who will be sponsoring your Employer Sponsored Visa are capable of meeting the requirements that are set by the Department.

Furthermore, it gives you additional security in the event of negative information that agencies of the government have access to appears in your application. With the help provided by No Borders’ No Borders team, you will ensure that the gap in skills within your business is filled as easily and swiftly as is possible.

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