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What are the conditions for 408 Visa for Australia?


This type of visa, sometimes referred to as the visa for Australia Subclass 408 is available to individuals traveling to Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia on a temporary basis for jobs or work. This category covers a wide range of tasks or types of jobs. The stream determines length and duration of the visa. It is possible to journey to Australia with family members due of the visa.

Documents required to obtain a Temporary Activity Visa – Depending on the kind of temporary visa you are considering the different documents might be required. The basic requirements are listed below:

  • A valid passport for India
  • A proof of your professional and academic qualifications
  • documents from your sponsor or other supporter detailing the details of the visit as well as attesting their commitment to you as well as any relatives who are accompanying you
  • Financial proof proving your ability to pay for your accommodation
  • For example, tax forms and employment contracts, as well as bank statements, etc.
  • If necessary, a health certificate
  • Character reference, if necessary
  • Documentation that proves your connection to your dependents, in the event that you travel together.
  • Identity and character data of the partner who is in conjunction with it.

408 Visa Condition

There are a variety of 408 visa conditions that you can apply for a visa in Australia You must get sponsored by a person that is either sponsor that is able to pass the test for sponsorship or is an approved sponsor of temporary activities.

Application Requirements for Visas

If you’re applying from outside Australia, you must have a visit to Australia planned for not more than three months. You must also you have the support of an organization or person who organizes events or participates in activities within Australia and has fulfilled the criteria for support.

  • A valid sponsor who has passed the test for sponsorship must be able to support you.
  • To ensure all the time you are in Australia the entire family must be backed by sufficient funds and be covered by medical insurance.
  • You must meet the conditions for the activities you were engaged in while you were on the visa.

Sponsorship Conditions

The following persons can sponsor someone to get these visas:

  • An organisation from Australia
  • A legally established Australian government body, territories or states.
  • An international government agency which is authorized to conduct business in Australia which includes trade offices consular or diplomatic missions and offices for foreign tourists as well as journalists.
  • A foreign government agency, or government entity that is legitimately supporting Australian sporting or other events.
  • A religious group that is recognized by the Australian Tax Office has approved as a charitable organization
  • A legitimate business in Australia but registered in a different nation
  • Superyacht’s captain owner, manager, or any other entity who is responsible for managing one.

Requirements for character and Health

  • Health evidence and medical examinations
  • Police certifications demonstrating your lack of criminal history

Financial Situation

When you apply for a visa, it is essential to include evidence that you are financially stable. This includes:

  • The letter is sent from banks or financial institutions
  • Employment agreement
  • Housing, compensation and other assistance from the sponsor employer in Australia

Language Requirement: English

  • You will need to provide evidence of your capability to use English in
  • The overall score on IELTS is 4.5 Overall band score of 31 and PTE’s overall score is 30.

 Household Members

Family members could be included on your application

  • For family members to be sponsored the sponsor must be able to this in writing. They must also have a copy of the letter on hand in case you’re sponsored and plan to remain within Australia for a longer than 3 months.


It is essential to already have insurance for health. If you are invited to participate in cultural or social activities in the country it is necessary to obtain a visa of three months. granted. Certain countries as well as Australia have a reciprocal health insurance contract. If your country is not included in those countries that have a mutual health insurance agreement, you’ll need insurance that covers the entire cost of medical treatment and travel.

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