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Nursing & Midwifery Skill Assessment

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Nursing & Midwifery Skill Assessment

The majority of Australian skilled visas demand that the applicant acquire a qualifying skills assessment. ANMAC’s (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council) Skilled Migration Services will assess nursing and midwifery students who desire to relocate to Australia.

An assessing authority designated by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) conducts this evaluation. As a registered nurse in Australia, you are very likely to find work quickly, and many care providers in nearby areas are ready to sponsor you.

A relevant skills assessment means that the evaluating authority has reviewed your abilities and determined that you are qualified to do the occupation you have chosen to a standard that is expected to benefit the Australian labour market.

The steps for completing a comprehensive nursing skill assessment in Australia
are listed below.

Step 1 :

If you want ANMAC to analyse and report on a period of paid abroad work experience, you must prepare for professional registration verification to be provided to verification@anmac.org.au. ANMAC is unable to provide information on compensated work that has not been accompanied by a professional registration.

Please note that ANMAC will not accept emails sent from free web-based email accounts. Emails sent from other addresses may be approved at the assessor’s discretion.

How to register for Skill Assessment for Nursing to become a nurse or midwife

Only individuals who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia are permitted to work as nurses or midwives in Australia (NMBA)
If you have the time and the option, registering with the NMBA first will allow you to complete the fewest steps and receive your tailored skills assessment faster (least documents required).

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Step 2 :

Applicants must submit their English language test results from the testing organization, along with the date of completion. Before submitting the test, the prerequisite must be satisfied.

Proficiency in English

To be taken into consideration by ANMAC, all applicants must be fluent in English. The DOHA’s English language requirement for visas does not exempt you if you are a citizen of the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, or New Zealand.

ANMAC accepts only certain types of English tests. Speaking, reading, writing, and listening are the four sections of each exam. Test results that meet the minimal standards for the test type must be submitted. Results from tests cannot be older than two years.

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Step 3 :

The scanned versions of the original supporting documents listed below

Identity Verification
Passport page(s) with biometric data
Paperwork for name changes (marriage decree nisi, deed poll)
A recent 6-month-old official passport-sized image
Certificate and transcript of graduation. On the transcript, the start and end dates, as well as theory and practise hours, must all be mentioned. If the University is unable to supply this information, ANMAC requests a copy of the syllabus to be emailed to them directly.
Professional references showing experience as a paid nurse or midwife.
If applicants have designated an agent to act on your behalf, complete the Agent Declaration Form.

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Step 4 :

On the login screen, create an account. You can only apply once using the same email address.For numerous applications, please use unique email addresses.

Step 5 :

Submit the Full midwifery skill assessment Australia application by

Filling out the online form
Payment processing
Documents to be uploaded as a backup

Note: Applicants will receive an email from ANMAC acknowledging receipt of their application and payment.

If applicants do not get an email within 24 hours after submitting their online application or are experiencing trouble uploading their supporting papers, they should contact ANMAC.
You can avoid having your account deleted if you complete your midwife skill assessment application and payment within one calendar month after creating it.

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