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Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

If you have fulfilled all the requirements and completed the tenure of your first working holiday subclass 417 visa, you may extend it further for the second and third subclass 417 visa and do some ‘specified work’ in Australia.


The Approved Areas and Industries for Working Holiday (Subclass 417) Visa

As you may know, ‘specified work’ is available in specific industries and areas, and payments for these jobs are made according to the legislation.

You may apply for voluntary work under this category while applying for your work and holiday visa 462 & working holiday subclass 417 visa.

The specific areas and industries are:

Plant and animal cultivation

Tourism and hospitality

Fishing and pearling

Tree felling and farming



➤ Bushfire or Flood Recovery

COVID-19 work in the medical sector

Moreover, these jobs are available only in specific postcodes initiated by the Government.


Plant and Animal Cultivation

Your primary job will involve harvesting or packing fruits and vegetables. However, other jobs responsibilities in this category of specific work include:

Trimming or pruning trees related to the cultivation and commercial sale of their produce

General crop maintenance

Propagating or cultivating plants and fungi

Product processing

Animal maintenance and feeding for the natural increase and selling them or their produce

Processing animal food products

Dairy product manufacturing

Stud farming or horse breeding

Reforestation and environmental conservation

Plant or animal cultivation in the zoo

You cannot work as a caregiver on a farm. You are also not eligible for jobs like provision or secondary processing of animal or plant products, namely:

Producing small goods

Milling or

Dairy retail

Wine tasting

Brewing wine and distillation


Tourism and Hospitality

This type of service is required explicitly in moderately to very remote areas. You may apply for it for your second or third subclass 417 visa.

The job roles and responsibilities include:

Tourist guides

Tourist operators

Outdoor activity or adventure instructors


Museum guides

Restaurant chefs

Tourist bus drivers

Gallery curators

Event organizers

Hospitality and hotel accommodation

Bars, cafes, restaurants, casinos managers

However, with the subclass 417 working holiday visa, you are not eligible for cleaning work or a driver of a school bus.


Fishing and Pearling

If you have Visa Subclass 417, you can do some jobs related to fishing and pearling, limited to directing operations while catching fish and collecting or culturing pearl shells or pearls.


Tree Felling and Farming

You can take up specific work in a tree plantation or forest. You may plant or tend trees to cut them when fully grown. You may also actively participate in a tree cutting process in the forest or on a plantation.

You may also transport the trees or their parts to the processing or milling plant.



You can participate actively in a few jobs in different mines. These are:

Mining coal, metal, and mineral ore

Extracting oil and gas

Material mining for construction


Quarrying and mining non-metallic minerals and

Offering support services

However, you will not be eligible for cooking food or catering on the site or offering any services specialized for social science, such as archaeological or anthropological assessments.

Your job will also not involve cleaning or swapping the buildings of the mines.



If interested, you can take up specific work if you have a second or third-working holiday subclass 417 visa. You can take part in different areas of construction, such as:

Residential building

Non-residential building

Heavy engineering and

Civil engineering

In addition to that, you can also take up a few specific services-oriented works related to construction. These are:

Land development

Site preparation

Building installation

Building structure

Building completion and others

Apart from that, there are also other options to choose specified work from, such as:

Landscaping the construction site

Interior and exterior painting of new houses and buildings

Scaffolding and

Erecting fences around the site

Again, a few specific types of jobs are not considered to be specified work for the subclass 417 working holiday visa holders. These include:


Ship or boat building

Town planning and

Manufacturing building materials


Bushfire or Flood Recovery

This is another specific work area open for people with working holiday subclass 417 visa. There are different areas to choose from, which include construction, farming, and other jobs related to the restitution or recovery of property, land, wildlife, or farm animals.

You may also offer assistance or support services to the people living in the affected areas or working there.

You can, however, choose to be a paid worker or a volunteer and get involved with other different types of jobs in connection to bushfire and flood recovery and the affected community, such as:

Caring for flora and fauna

Rebuilding the destroyed fences of the houses

Assisting the victims or volunteers working

Digging trenches

Clearing land

Demolition and earth moving and

Renovating or repairing residential and non-residential buildings

Your job may also include constructing roads, footpaths, parking lots, bridges, dams, railways, sewage, irrigation systems, and stormwater drainage.

Such recovery, however, does not involve jobs that do not fall under the areas damaged by the bushfire or flood.


Critical COVID-19 Work

In the medical sector, specified work related to COVID-19 include:


Medical treatment

Contact tracing

Research and testing

Support services

Mental health support

Cleaning quarantine and testing facility

Services exempted in this category include:

General administration

Financial services at any care facility

Producing and selling personal hygiene and protective equipment

Other medical services, such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy unrelated to COVID-19, are exempted.

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