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Professional Year In Accounting

Professional Year In Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Professional Year In Accounting

Professional year program Accounting can level up your graduate degree in Accountancy and prepare you for a better and higher position in the job industry. Study Accounting Professional Year Program in Gold coast. If you already hold a degree in Accountancy in Australia, Pathway Education can serve you with the most reliable and the Cheapest SMIPA professional year accounting Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Tasmania.

Pathway Education is a team of educational consultancy who has been offering extensive courses to study SMIPA professional year program of information technology in Melbourne to numerous overseas students over the years. Apart from professional courses, we also deliver personalised admission guidance, visa processing and migration services that bring ease, convenience and reliability in your career development and growth.

Study Accounting Professional Year Program and build your career in Australia. Courses are developed by experts from CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants, the professional year accounting was formerly known as the Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting (SMIPA) because of its utility to build a candidate’s career.

Course Duration: 44 Weeks

Course Structure

Theory based Classroom lessons

The course begins with a 28 week theoretical face to face classes with an experienced trainer. In these classes you would brush up the basic principles of an executing accountant and learn about the various industrial principles, rules and etiquettes to work in an Australian workplace.

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Internship Program

A professional internship program in accounting extends for the next 12 weeks where students are taught to implement their theoretical knowledge into real life practices. Apart from this, they also go through various communication skill classes and develop effective ways to build a healthy and productive relationship with their peers.

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Workshops and Applications

The final weeks of the cheapest SMIPA professional year course in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania is filled with workshops and real life experience of Australian workplace ambience. Apart from basic work ethics and professional etiquettes, the students are exposed to genuine Australian workplace culture which helps them to adapt and learn to establish a healthy and proactive mindset when they finally move to their job phase.

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Eligibility criteria required to study accounting professional year program in Australia

Candidates should possess an acclaimed graduate degree in accounting from an Australian university studying for at least two years.
Must have or at least have applied for the Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485) with a minimum validity of one year
Degree in English communication skills with a minimum score of 6 in IELTS along with an overall score of 6 in each band (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
Documents proving the migration skills assessment tests from a renowned accounting firm
Documents of valid skill assessment from CPA, IPA and CA

Benefits you gain if you study SMIPA professional year Program in Melbourne

If you wish to apply for a permanent residency in Australia then a professional year program will contribute 5 migration points to strengthen your eligibility.
Completing the skill assessment successfully adds a feather to your resume during the interview process.
Understand and learn different ways to tactfully manage the difficulties faced in the employment landscape.
Career tips and guidance from professional educational consulting agents and experts.
Get acquainted with the various aspects of Australian work space principles and culture.
Brush up and excel in your accounting skills. Skilled accountants are in high demand in the employment industry in Australia and all over the world.
Implement your knowledge on real life scenarios, face difficulties and learn the tactics to control them.
Get a Completion certificate at the end of the course to showcase your skills and expertise to your employers.
Candidates can have varied career choices like general accountant, management accountant, taxation accountant, External Auditor, Corporate Treasurer and more.

Course Fee if you opt in Professional year In Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Course Fee if you opt to choose the cheapest SMIPA professional year course in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania

At Pathway Education, we understand the burden you go through while trying to arrange funds for undertaking a higher education degree course in Australia. So, we offer one of the cheapest professional year course in Accounting that assures the deserving candidates that they don’t need to withdraw from enrolling in Professional Year because of the lack of funds.

Though the course varies and depends on a variety of factors like whether you are enrolling for the classes during weekdays or weekends, the average course fee for a professional year program in accountancy ranges from $6200 to $7200.

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