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Professional Year In It


Professional Year In Information Technology (IT)

In this competitive era, building a career in the IT industry in a different country can become quite challenging for any non-native student. Australia offers a wide range of employment options for fresh IT graduates, but are you ready to take the path to your first job?

If you are a fresh graduate looking for a course that will not only enhance your career prospects but also make you job ready in an Australian workplace, a professional year in IT Australia is the magical wand you are looking for.

Pathway Education offers aspiring students the opportunity to study professional year in Engineering and professional year IT Sydney in Australia and enhance their future prospects, personal and professional skills to prepare them to face the new challenges with confidence and strength.


Benefits of enrolling into IT professional year program in Australia

Fresh graduates get the opportunity to gain valuable exposure to learn about Australian workspace culture in real time with workshops and internship programs
Brush up your IT skills by implementing them in practical use during the internship phase in a real Australian workplace
Learn and improve executive communication skills, build valuable network with the leading professionals of your field of interest and enhance peer to peer interactions
Participants are eligible to claim 5 points under skilled occupation as stated by the Department of Home Affairs. These test points can be used to meet the test points criteria when applying for permanent residency.

Course Structure of a professional year Information Technology in Melbourne

The professional year program IT is a 44-week course that is structured to infuse both theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of professionalism in an Australian office. The course primarily comprises of two parts:

Classroom Lessons

The first part is a 32 week long face to face classes that teach the basics of communication and interactive skills required to integrate in a professional Australian workplace.
The classroom lessons are usually mentored by experienced teachers and professionals from the industry that help you gain practical knowledge, experience and advice. These practical insights help you build confidence and acquire a potential position in a professional environment all your life.

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Internship and Placement

The second phase of the training program includes Internship in a reputed and partnered company in your field of education. This is the stage where students implement their learned lessons in the practical projects. The internship program of 12 weeks duration is closely monitored by a team of experienced mentors and professors who guide you through the program to enrich your awareness and boost your confidence.
Pathway Education has partnered with numerous organizations across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane that meet your placement needs at the end of the internship program..

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Enrollment Requirement for a professional year in Information Technology, Australia

Candidate must be below 50 years of age
Candidates must have completed an IT degree course from a reputed organization in Australia which must be completed over a period of 18 months. It should provide at least minimum two years of credit points.
Must hold or at least have applied for a Graduate(Temporary) Visa(Subclass 485) bearing a 12 months of validity
Must score a minimum of 6 in the IELTS score or an equivalent English Language proficiency test.
Must possess a PTE score of 50 across all modules

Why choose Pathway Education to study professional year IT Australia?

There are various professional year program providers in and around Australia, then why should you opt to choose Pathway Education’s professional years in IT Australia?

Why choose Pathway Education to study in Professional Year Progran in IT

Here is the answer to your ‘Why’

1. Pathway Education is a certified and licensed company. So, if you opt to choose a professional year course with us and successfully complete it, you will be awarded a completion certificate which you can add to your resume and other professional profile to enhance the chances of getting the desired job or position.
2. Our services come in affordable prices that will not burden your educational budget. Furthermore, you will be able to opt the benefits of flexible monthly installments.
3. We work with a team of qualified professors and mentors who are dedicatedly sharing their experience and knowledge with the students to help them excel in their career.
4. If you are eligible, you can get huge scholarships and benefits that will add more value to your training course
5. Most of our students land up in good salaried jobs in reputed organizations at the end of their internship programs.

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