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RPL (Recognition Of Prior Learning)

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment

Do you know that your life experiences, work expertise, knowledge and skills can actually become the catalyst to reduce the tenure of your ongoing degree course?

Yes, RPL Degree in Australia or the Recognition Prior Learning is an assessment process developed by RTOs to evaluate a candidate’s previous work experiences, knowledge and learning, inside or outside Australia to provide a credit based on the units of competency which results in reduction of the tenure required to successfully complete a qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment RPL Degree in Australia best and cheap provider - pathway education and visa services
Pathway Education is one of the best RPL provider in Australia. With a team of expert professionals, we provide aid to help you get your skills qualified for RPL Australia which has already benefited numerous students from all over the world. Our affordable and quick service is available throughout Australia which enables students to access our assistance from anywhere.

List of industry skills that qualify for prior learning assessment and recognition Australia

Business and Finance

Fitness and Recreation
Beauty and Lifestyle
Transport and Logistics
Vocational Training and Education

Retail Services
Security Services
Accounting Management
Civil Business
Meat Processing
Environmental Resources and many more

Benefits of converting your knowledge with Recognition of Prior learning assessment

Getting your skills identified through RPL can bring a lot of advantages to your career development and future prospects. Some of the major benefits of RPL includes:
RPL qualification leads to reduction in the actual time required to undertake a certain qualification. Thus, saving a lot of your precious time and money which can be put to more productive use.
RPL identified skills and expertise improves your chances of getting noticed by interviewers and companies during a job hunt.
RPL qualification saves your time and money but also your efforts by preventing repeated learning of the things you already excel in.
Get a quicker promotion with a potential raise in your income.
RPL qualification helps in immigration and visa processing by adding up more credit points in your favor.
Helps in continuous career development and professional growth.
RPL certification gives you an opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

How are your skills assessed in RPL Degree in Australia?

The skill assessment is done according to the relevant industry standards
The assessment is conducted by highly experienced and qualified professionals in RPL Australia.
The candidates might be tested by asking them to perform relevant tasks, jobs.
The candidate might be asked to explain the process of the task they performed or provide potential evidence of the same.
The assessor might visit your workplace to test your skills. The candidate needs to provide information like description of the task, references or performance appraisals.
The skills will be evaluated by comparing them with a standard list of qualification in the specific industry.

Mandatory Documents required to apply for RPL Certificate - pathway education and visa services

Mandatory Documents required to apply for RPL Certificate

100 points ID.
Reference Letter from Previous Workplace.
USI Number.
Relevant Academic Qualifications.
Documents like Payslips, Attendance Roster, Job Agreement, Joining Letter etc.
Pictures and Videos of you working in the specific task.
Any other forms of evidence that display your eligibility to apply for the RPL qualification.
Certificate of any courses taken that is relevant to the qualified skill.
Overview of the courses taken previously for the specific task.

What are the fees spent to apply for a recognition of prior learning assessment?

The place where the candidate is assessed.
The qualification you wish to be assessed on.
The amount of effort, work and time put into each assessment.
The amount of previous work experience and skill expertise.

Why Pathway Education for skills assessed in RPL Degree in Australia best and cheap provider Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment - pathway education

Why Pathway Education?

We provide genuine and authorized RPL services. There is no place for scam in our company.
Our services come at cheapest prices. Though there is no compromise on the quality of our services.
We are a team of experienced professionals. We know our job and try to deliver our services with complete honesty and dedication.
Quick and comprehensive service available.
Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.
Efficient customer service helpdesk to attend your queries whenever they arise.
Efficient consultation team to guide you through the process in a step by step manner. We can also assist you to choose the right service keeping your best interest in mind.

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