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Structure of IELTS preparation course online in Australia - Pathway Education & Visa Services


Teachers who intend to migrate to Australia can have their skills assessed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). The appropriateness of school teacher vocations for Australia’s skills assessment migration program is determined by a skills assessment.

It is a prerequisite for skilled migration to Australia under points-based, employer-sponsored, graduate migrant, and temporary graduate visas to have your abilities assessed.

For migration, apply for an AITSL SKILLS ASSESSMENT
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Step 1: Check your occupation eligibility

On the Department of Homeland Security’s website, look for your occupation on the consolidated list of approved skilled jobs. It includes

Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher
Primary School Teacher
Middle School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
Special Needs Teacher
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
Teacher of the Sight Impaired
Special Education Teachers (NEC)

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Step 2: Evaluation of abilities

If your profession is on this list, you may be eligible for a variety of visa options. Obtaining a proper skills evaluation is a crucial aspect of several of these alternatives, such as the Skilled Independent 189 visa and Skilled Nominated 190 visa.
For all of the above vocations, there are three types of requirements: educational, professional, and English language. While educational and English requirements are consistent across all six occupations, professional criteria, which are directly related to the functions and responsibilities of the occupation, vary.

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Step 3: Educational qualifications

AITSL has determined that this study is equal to at least four years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education (university) study in Australia that leads to a certificate. AITSL does not make any distinctions based on the field of study – the four years of study do not have been in education.

Step 4: Norms for professionals

Professional needs are where AITSL assessment migration evaluates occupation-specific qualifications and experience. Each type of instructor has slightly various professional requirements relying on their area of expertise. For additional information, go to AITSL.

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Step 5: Requirements for English

To meet the English criteria for your AITSL skills exam, you must have taken the Academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and achieved the following minimum scores:

Minimum of 7.0 in reading,
Minimum of 7.0 in writing,
Minimum of 8.0 in speaking
Minimum of 8.0 in listening.

The IELTS test scores must be on a single IELTS test result, and the exam must have been taken within 24 months of the application’s submission date. This is less than the three-year validity period accepted by the DIBP for an IELTS test result.

On the other hand, the applicant must show that they have completed at least four years of university study in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America. This research must have resulted in the awarding of a certificate(s) equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree or higher, including an acknowledged first teacher education qualification.

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Step 6: Evidence of teaching practice that has been supervised

As part of the criteria for all jobs, supervised teaching practice is required. Evidence must be produced in the form of an official document from the university that awarded the starting teacher education degree that meets the following criteria:

Step 7: On the letterhead of the university

A university official has signed and dated this document.
Indicates the length of the entire supervised teaching practice and the age range of the students taught.

To qualify, supervised teaching practice must have taken place with school students in a school context. Many foreign-trained teachers face difficulties in this area because their university may have shorter supervised periods during their degree.

There is a set number of days that must be spent practising under supervision (please see the individual requirements based on your occupation)

Step 8: Recent university graduates from Australia

In addition, the following documents must be submitted:

for each year of study, a final academic transcript
a university registrar’s formal declaration verifying completion of studies

For studies completed more than six months before lodging your skill assessment in Australia, a final award certificate must be provided.


The applications are completed on paper and must be accompanied by certified copies of original documents and a completed application form. Sending original papers cannot be restored, so be cautious! The AITSL estimates that it will take 10 weeks to evaluate your application. Also, as a heads up, the appeal will cost as much as the application will cost. Right now, on the first try, get it! Best of luck!

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