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Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 best cheap australia - pathway education & visa services

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Skilled independent visa 189 is for those professionally skilled individuals who are engaged in a high demanding job profile and desire to migrate to Australia for the same. If you are one of such eligible professionals or tradespeople, then we at Pathway Education can help you get your immigration processed smoothly and peacefully.

Pathway Education is a group of professional migration agents who are proficient in dealing with various types of visa service including Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Services. Apart from visa application and processing, We provide invariant immigration services & temporary skill shortage visa to ease your move and secure stay in Australia.

Know About Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa best cheap australia - pathway education and visa services

Know About Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa

1. Skilled independent subclass 189 is a permanent visa that permits you and your dependent family members to stay and work in Australia indefinitely.
2. You can make unlimited travels to and from Australia
3. Attend to study a course in Australian university, school or TAFE
4. You can avail government healthcare benefits with subsidized cost and several free healthcare facilities
5. Enrol for applicable social security payments
6. If you meet the criteria, you can apply for the Australian citizenship also
7. Nominate or sponsor close relatives or friends to migrate or stay in Australia
8. With a valid subclass 189 visa you will be granted a 5 year entry to stay and work in Australia.
9. If you stay for 2 consecutive years, you can apply to extend your visa to another 5 years and if you stay for a continuous 4 years, you can apply for an Australian Citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria acquire skilled independent visa subclass 189 best cheap australia - pathway education & visa services

Eligibility Criteria to acquire the skilled independent visa subclass 189

Applicant must be below 45 years of age
Must acquire a minimum 6 or more in each of the modules of IELTS (English Language Skill test)
Must achieve a cut off score of 65 points. In this competitive era, the higher the points you score the better.
Achieve positive skills assessment in a Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List(MLTSSL)
Get an invitation to apply under the Skill Select Expression of Interest (EOI) System. Once you have been invited you have to submit the online application within the next 60 days
Must possess health related and character certificates from authorized departments or personnel.

Steps to Apply for the skilled independent subclass 189

1. First step involves getting the credentials checked by a relevant government body. In this process, the department of immigration and border protection will be able to ensure if the applicant’s skills match with the requirement level and if they can practice the selected occupation in Australia.
2. After the applicant gets a positive assessment from the concerned department in the above step, the candidate has to submit an Expression of Interest through Skill Select. The applicant can apply while staying in or out of Australia.
3. Once the applicant receives the ITA(Invitation to Apply) they need to submit the application within the next 60 days. The processing of the application is done on a priority basis.

Usual Mistakes Made By Applicants skilled independent visa subclass 189 australia - pathway education & visa services

Usual Mistakes Made By Applicants

Choosing the wrong occupation
Error in calculating the skill test assessment points
Misreading or giving wrong information in the application form
Forgetting to submit some crucial documents
The information provided in supported documents doesn’t match with the visa application or Expression of Interest
Submitting invalid or expired documents
Failing to produce required documents or disclosing relevant personal information
Erroneously checking the subjects in the skill assessment requirements
Failing to provide employment referral letters, work experience certificate or any other evidence of employment or skill assessment included in the visa application
Failing to meet the eligibility criteria during the submission of EOI(Expression of Interest or visa application
No or invalid documents in support of his/her cause
Providing wrong, misleading information or false documents
Lack of assistance during the immigration department’s background checking procedures and information verification process.

Why Hire Pathway Education skilled independent subclass migration agent?

We help you with the current eligibility options and other visa proceedings
Provide a step by step guide in visa application preparation to submission and grant
Check and verify all documents and information so that they meet the eligibility criteria before submission
Contact and interact with different authorities on your behalf
We assist you a seamless flow of processing to give you the much needed peace of mind.
Guide and check through all the information and documents produced in the process to aid in department verification and background check.

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