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Training Visa


Training Visa 407 Australia

Training visa 407 Australia permits people travelling to Australia to undertake professional workplace based training under the sponsorship of an Australian organization, government agency or foreign government agency.

If you wish to upgrade your occupational skills or boost your career options with a IT Professional Year Program or training program in Australia, Pathway Education can provide you the best subclass 407 training visa immigration agent to assist you with a seamless training visa processing and facilitate the immigration formalities.

Features of a training visa subclass 407 Australia

Training visa is a temporary visa that permits the applicant to stay in Australia for a period of 2 years
You can take up a workplace based training or a professional development training course to enhance your professional skills for your current occupation, area of tertiary study or stream of expertise.


Eligibility norms you need to fulfil before you choose to apply for the occupational trainee visa Australia

Participant must be at least 18 years old(for exceptional circumstances, the candidate must produce substantial reasoning with evidence)
The occupational training activity must maintain one of the nomination type norms
Must possess competent level English proficiency
Must meet all the eligibility norms for the provision of the work related training
Unscarred character certificate
Must possess sufficient funds or sponsorship to support themselves in Australia
Must have an Health insurance
Must fulfil all health related criteria
The Training visa Occupation list must contain the nominated occupation
Approval from the Temporary Activity Sponsor is required

Process of Applying for the Occupational Trainee Visa Australia

1. Step One

The applicant needs to submit the Temporary Activity Sponsorship (TAS) to be approved for a sponsorship for the workplace training in Australia.

2. Step Two

Apply for a nomination which includes
a) Nomination Eligibility Type
b) Details regarding the training program
c) The position applied for
d) A precise knowledge of the skills, qualification and experience required for the position
e) Detailed knowledge of the candidate who is taking part in the training program

3. Step Three

In the final step you submit an application for the subclass 407 visa.

Application Fees

The application fee includes
a) Sponsorship Fees: AUD 420
b) Nomination Fees AUD 170
c) Visa Application Fee AUD 285( main Applicant), AUD 285(For Partner and children above 18 years old), AUD 75(children under 18 years old)

Optimal Processing Time

The normal processing time for the training visa is between 85 days to 4 months but adequate buffer time is always recommended.

Nomination Types

There are basically three types of nominations

Type 1

Workplace training that is given by the organization to register the visa applicant for the chosen employment.

Type 2

An organized training program to enhance the existing skills of the visa applicant in an eligible job.

Type 3

A training strategy that helps to build:
a) Overseas qualification
b) Government Support
c) Professional Enhancement

Features of Occupation Trainee Stream of the training visa subclass 407 Australia training visa subclass 407 Australia pathway education and visa services

Features of Occupation Trainee Stream of the training visa subclass 407 Australia

Training required to get a registration, membership or a valid license to work in Australia or their home country.
For the training to be listed in the subclass 407 Training Visa Occupation List, it is essential for the applicant to bear the experience of working full time in the nominated occupation for at least 12 months within the last 24 months.
To acquire an overseas qualification the applicant must have at least 6 months of experience in practical work place, research or observation.
Training must be supported by the Australian government agency or the applicant’s home country government.
Occupational training program would comprise of 70% of practical job based and only 30% will include classroom training.

Features of Professional Development Stream for the training visa 407 Australia

The professional development stream is for applicants who are working overseas in a management or professional level occupation.
Most part of the training is classroom based and must be relevant to the skills of the applicant’s employed position.
The employer must actively sponsor your training under the Temporary Activity Sponsor norms.
The visa is restricted by a condition 8102 which prevents the applicant to work in Australia apart from the training requirements as stated in the visa.
The applicant is bound to work for their sponsoring employer. The average hours of work is 30 hours per week and must be paid at least the award rate.
Must have an health Insurance.
Spouse or family members must be included in the online visa application.

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