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Professional Year

If you have already graduated from an Australian university and wish to undertake a professional year program to learn the aspects of workplace principles and etiquette, then Pathway Education is one of the best professional year provider services in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania.
Cheapest Professional Year Provider Adelaide provides efficient professional year programs in Accountancy, Information Technology and Engineering that are designed keeping your best interest in mind.
Not only a dedicated and best professional year program provider services in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania, but we are also an expert educational consultancy that provides helpful advice and guidance to aspiring graduates to take up the best suitable course for them considering their educational background, learning ability, a field of interest and capability.
Apart from being a professional service provider, Pathway Education is linked with a large network of institutions in Australia which helps us to provide quick and effective visa processing services along with migration facilities like air tickets and accommodation arrangements.
Thus, offering you the benefits of professional courses and other crucial assistance, Pathway Education inspires all graduates to chase their dreams of a fulfilling and prosperous future ahead.

Benefits of cheapest Professional year In IT - Engineering - Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Benefits of cheapest Professional year provider in Melbourne

Acquiring a certificate in professional year program gives a special boost to your resume.
Assists in an effective job search by creating a more attractive and active portfolio showcasing your competencies.
Practical workplace experience under a real work environment.
Improves chances of employment opportunities.
You can grab 5 migration points when you apply for your permanent residency in Australia.
You can get specialized and free access to industry relevant events and workshops.
A professional year program in any stream is considered as an asset in your career growth if you move to another state or country for job opportunities.
Exposed to professional work ethics, principles and etiquettes, you will gain a lot of guidance to be job-ready for your future prospects.

Eligibility Criteria to avail a program from the best professional year service provider in Australia

There are some eligibility criteria that every candidate applying for the professional year course in Australia needs to mandatorily fulfill before applying.
Pathway Education being one of the cheapest Cheapest Professional Year Provider Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sunshine and Tasmania can help you with efficient visa processing and educational services to improve and fulfill your eligibility quotient to apply for the course.

Must be below 50 years of age.
It is desired that you have successfully completed a graduate degree in Accounting, Information Technology or
Engineering before you apply for a professional year program.
You must have a Skilled-Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485) which will allow candidates to stay in Australia
for one and a half years after their graduation degree.
You must have a successful completion certificate of a degree course in the last six months which will be an
extended part of at least 2 years of studying in an Australian Institution.
You must have the eligible qualification to work in Australia under one of the jobs listed in the Skilled
Occupation List.
If you are someone who has completed their graduation degree from an institute outside Australia, you can also
choose to study a professional year program in Australia if you possess or at least have applied for the Skilled
recognized Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 476).

Some Salient Features of the Professional Year Course if you choose the cheapest professional year provider in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania

Some Salient Features of the Professional Year Course Professional year In IT - Engineering - Accounting - Pathway Education & Visa Services

The duration of the course is 44 weeks.
You will start theoretical classes for the first 28 weeks with highly educated trainers. The materials you will cover are mostly business communication, workplace expectations and job skills that will build your personality to face the Australian work culture.
Next is a 12 weeks internship program in your relevant industry. If you select Pathway Education Consultancy you will get the best professional year provider services in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania, who will perfectly match your skills with the right placement company.
The final step in the course deals with practical applications and workshops. It will prepare you to match your classroom lessons with workplace experience and you will find yourself getting more confidence and mental strength to face the real Australian workplace. We are the Cheapest Professional Year Provider Sunshine, So choose the best course with us.

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