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Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 838)

Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 838)

This permanent visa lets a single older person stay in Australia if they rely on a relative living in Australia for financial support.


Aged Dependent Relative Visa 838

A visa is a needed thing that you must have with your when you travel to another country. The aged dependent relative visa subclass 838 is the best one that is the permanent type of visa. It can permit elder people to reside in Australia living alone in the other country without the affection of their children. The aged dependent relative visa 838 is useful for aged people to mingle and live with their children and grandchildren who have Australian citizenship or residing in Australia.

They can also make use of the subclass 838 visa that was offered to older adults who are also dependent on their relative’s frothier well-being. The visa can allow the individual to come and reside in Australia for as long as they want to stay there. It is also helpful for them to spend ample time with great enjoyment with their loved ones. It is the only visa applicable when you depend on any of your relatives for your daily needs. 


Who can Apply for a Relative Visa?

If you have any doubts about who can apply for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 838), then here is the answer for you. When you apply for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa subclass 838, you have to stay in Australia and not in the immigration process. If your family members want to appeal for this subclass 838, they should also fulfill the eligibility criteria before applying for the visa.

If you are eligible for the criteria, you can get the aged dependent relative visa 838, and the 838 visas can tell the applicant that they should show a sponsor for their stay in Australia. A person who is retired or who is disabled is the only person who is applicable to apply for this visa. 


What can you do in Australia after getting the subclass 838 visa?

After getting the subclass 838 visa, it can permit the applicant to stay in this place for an indeterminate time. Working and studying in various firms and educational intuitions is also possible with the visa subclass 838. You also have to enroll in different public health schemes, and when you are eligible for this visa, you can get it without any delay or trouble. 


Needed requirements for getting this 838 sub-class visa:

When you are ready to apply for this Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 838), you must submit some of the needed documents. The documents that are needed for applying to get this visa include proof of your sponsorship; the sponsor should be able to carry all your expenses, starting from the shelter to food and all the basic needs. 

The age proof, which has the details of your age signature on the documents where inmost be stated that you are respecting the Australian laws; evidence of any proof regarding no debt is associated with the Australian government. Then you must, at last, provide the original documents where all the information required for applying for the visa. The Aged Dependent Relative visa processing time is long, and you have to wait to get it. 


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What are the eligibility criteria for getting a relative visa?

Certain specifications are there for you while you are ready to get the aged dependent relative visa 838, and they should be achieved before submitting the application form. As the 838 visas permit you to be with your loved ones living in Australia, the applicant has to follow the required eligibility criteria. 

Some eligibility criteria include getting the aged dependent relative visa 838, the applicant must have the eligible sponsor first, and where they have to take care of all the things for the elder person. Then they must be a pensioner, you should be reliable in everything for that person, the applicant must not have a partner with them and must be single, and there are no stay conditions. 

Then the person who applies for this visa must have good support and health requirements and apply for it to be with their children. You can also apply for the 838 visa Medicare that can make you enjoy the Medicare facilities. 


How much time does it take to get the relative visa?

If you are an aged dependent on your relatives, you can apply for a visa and stay in Australia. When you apply for the visa, it should contain enough details and the originals about you and the person who takes care of you in Australia. The Aged Dependent Relative visa processing time is longer as family visas are in high demand in this modern age. It takes a long to apply for it, and you have to wait for it. 


What is the aged dependent relative visa onshore?

The aged dependent relative visa onshore is a type of permanent visa that can allow a single older person to stay in Australia if they rely on a relative living in this place for financial support. There are also huge benefits to choosing this visa: staying in Australia as a permanent resident, having work and study rights, enrolling in the country’s public health care scheme, sponsoring eligible family members to come to this place, etc.

They can also offer you the 838 visa Medicare which is useful in making your stay in Australia indefinitely, work or study. You can enroll in Medicare, sponsor relatives, and apply for citizenship if eligible. This visa can enable you to trade as often as you like to visit Australia. 

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