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Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS)

Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Employer Support Visa in Australia - Pathway Education VIsa Services

Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

If you are looking to work on a sponsored job in Australia, with a visitor’s visa, then it is essential to acquire a temporary skill shortage visa, abbreviated as TSS visa. If you have the required skill and experience and your employer is not able to find an Australian citizen suitable enough for the work, a TSS visa can help you earn a living in Australia for a period of 4 years under the sponsorship of your employer.

Pathway Education is a team of competent TSS visa service consultants who have been redundantly serving customers with effective and affordable immigration and visa processing services to help them apply and acquire a visa stress-free and effortlessly. We also provide the best migration service agent Australia.

Characteristics of the 482 Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa

There are three streams to apply for the visa – short-term, medium-term, labor agreement.
TSS visa allows you to work for your sponsored employer for a period of 4 years
With a valid TSS visa you can travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want.
You can study in an Australian university without Government’s assistance if you have a valid 482 visa
You can include your spouse, partner, children in the visa application. However, they have to follow the same rule as you are following.
There is no age limit for the application of the Temporary skilled shortage visa. All you require is quality work experience of at least 2 years, necessary skills and qualification.

Processing time of the subclass 482 temporary skilled shortage visa - Pathway Education and Visa Services

Processing time of the subclass 482 temporary skilled shortage visa

The various streams of 482 visas require different time to process. Although the processing time for TSS visa is much lesser than the time required to get permanent visas.

For short-term the processing time lies between 43 days to 70 days

For medium-term the time required is around 38-66 days

For labor agreement the processing time can take from 35 days to 52 days depending on various requirements and factors.

Mandatory Documents required to file for the subclass 482 temporary skilled shortage visa

Identity proof
Health related documents(accredited and directly send by a practicing physician)
Character certificate from your employer
Police clearance certificate,
Documents to support your credentials and information filled in the form
Nomination documents from your employer

Skills assessment results
English proficiency test result
Work experience certificate
Qualification certificate
Documents to prove your relationship status
Health insurance policy documents
Labor agreement papers if you are working under the labor agreement stream.

Conditions related to the Temporary skilled shortage visa

Generally you can live in Australia temporarily for 2 years if you apply for the short-term TSS visa. However, if you possess Thai citizenship, you can stay for 3 years and if you have International Trade Obligations then the time period is extended to 4 years.
In case of the medium-term stream of the 482 visa, you can spend a continuous period of 4 years in Australia. Later you can apply for permanent residence if you are eligible for the same.
For the labor agreement stream the allotted time of stay is fixed to a maximum of 4 years or according to the terms as stated in the agreement.
If you are including your family members in the visa application, it is important to note that similar immigration rules are also applicable for them. There is no age bar, though a proficient level of English speaking, reading and understanding skill is mandatory.
It is also important to note that if any of your visa has been rejected previously by the immigration department on any grounds, the TSS visa can also be cancelled or rejected.

Acquire -Temporay Skill Shortage TSS - 482 visa to migrate to Australia - Pathway Education and Visa Services

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