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Skilled Nominated Visa

Skilled Nominated Visa Migration - Pathway Education VIsa Services

Skilled Nominated Visa Migration

Do you know that your qualification, talent and work experience can earn you the perks of a permanent residency in Australia? Well, the skilled nominated visa 190& skilled regional visa in Australia is a program developed by the Australian immigration for the skilled migrant workers who are nominated by a state or territory in Australia.

If you are one of those skilled migrants making your living in Australia and looking for the permanent stay benefits, Pathway Education is just a call away to help you with the application of skilled nominated visa consultancy services in Australia.

Pathway Education is a qualified team of skilled nominated subclass 190 migration agents who has been tirelessly serving their client with visa application and processing services. Skilled Nominated 190 skilled visa Services Australia, Invariantly serving clients from all over the world, we ensure your migration to Australia is hassle-free and smooth.

Benefits of Skilled nominated visa Australia Visa Subclass 189 in australia best cheap agent - pathway education and visa serivces

Benefits of Skilled nominated visa Australia

You and your family can live in Australia for as long as you want
You can engage in any professionally advanced occupation or seek higher education
You can enrol into subsidized healthcare programs and take the benefits of low cost or free medical aids
You will be allowed to buy a home or other property in Australia
Take the advantage of social security once you are granted a permanent residency
Once you get the PR visa and spend a considerable number of years in the country, you can easily apply and acquire the Australian citizenship.
You can opt to nominate your family members for the permanent residency as well, although they would have to meet the substantial eligibility criterias and norms.
The Australia skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is a permanent visa and it allows you to opt to move in and out of Australia or change states without affecting your status

Know the eligibility norms from our skilled nominated visa consultancy service

1. The state government agency or the Australian territory must nominate you before you can go ahead to file the application
2. You need to present an Expression of Interest to receive the invitation from the concerned department for the submission of the application
3. The Skilled Occupation List must include the job you are showcasing your skills for the application
4. Skilled migration points for the nominated occupation must be properly assessed based on various eligibility factors which consists of:

a) age
b) English Language Competency
c) Relevant work experience in and out of Australia
d) Educational qualification to meet Australian International Standards
e) Language competency
f) Regional study records in Australia
g) Assessment test result in Australian professional year programs
h) Qualification of your spouse
i) Any sponsorship or nomination previously attained

5. A score of 60 points must be attained in the skilled migration points
6. Optimal age of the applicant at the time of applying for the subclass 190 visa must be below 45 years
7. If you are not from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Irish or UK, you must acquire a score of 6 in each module of the IELTS examination
8. Character certificate from an authorized personnel like police records or military official is mandatory that claim you have good intentions for migrating to Australia
9. Proper health related documents must be presented that meet the immigration standard and criteria

Steps to follow to apply for the Skilled nominated visa, Australia Visa Subclass 189 in australia best agent - pathway education

Steps to follow to apply for the Skilled nominated visa, Australia

1. First step involves checking your skills in the Skilled Occupation list, the eligibility criteria list and matching the requirements.
2. Secondly, get your language skills assessed and acquire the required points
3. Thirdly, if you find yourself eligible, submit an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect
4. Fourth step requires your patience to wait for the invitation to apply for the visa
5. Once you have received the invitation, gather the necessary documents
6. Apply for a visa within 60 days from the day of the invitation received.
7. Clear your medical examination to submit the records to the officials
8. Wait until your Visa is granted and migrate to Australia

Cost of Application

The cost of getting a subclass 190 visa is around AUD 4,045.

Processing Time

The processing time on average lies between 5 months to 8 months but can take upto 12 months also.

Advantages of choosing a Skilled Nominated Visa Migration Agent like Pathway Education Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 in australia best

Advantages of choosing a Skilled Nominated Visa Migration Agent like Pathway Education

Personalized services
Qualified migration agents and consultants
24/7 Customer service helpline
Licensed and Reputed Company
Safety, Security and Privacy Available
Professional know how to handle and solve any critical issues or claims

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