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IELTS Preparation Course in Australia Online - Pathway Education & Visa Services

IELTS Preparation Course

English Language competency is one of the essential criteria for all International migrants to live, stay, study or work in Australia. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) assessment score certification is recognized by the Australian Government when you apply for a visa grant, to apply for higher education, to qualify in a job interview or even stay in Australia.

Pathway Education motivates all non-English speaking migrants to improve their English language skills by choosing the best IELTS coaching in Australia. Apart from providing expert mentoring, Pathway Education works to enhance your vocabulary, speaking fluency and writing expertise.

Salient features of IELTS course preparation in Australia

IELTS test is divided into four major sections:
a) Reading comprehension
b) Writing
c) Listening
D) Speaking

The IELTS course is developed to help students enhance their English language competency to achieve a higher score in the real exam. The skills that are worked upon includes vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing.
The ielts score ranges from 0-9.
The IELTS course is structured into 2 major levels:
a) Intermediate Level
b) Advanced Level
The IELTS exam is divided into two Modules depending on the requirement of the applicant:
a) The Generic Module
This module is specially designed for candidates who require an IELTS certificate for curricula purposes, migration requirement, visa processing or for admission into vocational training courses. The minimum score requirement is usually 5.5 or above.
b) The Academic Module
The academic module is a complex version for students who need to meet the IELTS score requirement for academic entry. The minimum score requirement here is usually 6.5 or above.
The IELTS certificate is recognized as an equivalent of TOEFL certificate
IELTS generic and academic module certificates have a validity of 2 years. However, IELTS generic certificate for migration purpose is valid for 3 years.

Structure of IELTS preparation course online in Australia

The IELTS online preparation course is designed for 10-12 weeks durations but can be customized depending on the needs and requirements.
IELTS online courses have a weekly intake usually on Mondays and are scheduled as day or evening classes.
The IELTS exam can be taken by the candidate at any time they wish. The test need not be postponed until the end of the course.

Structure of IELTS preparation course online in Australia - Pathway Education & Visa Services

Why Pathway Education provides the best IELTS coaching in Australia?

You can choose and learn from various prepared modules- Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking.
You will get up to 25 hours of Online IELTS preparation materials online.
You will get detailed feedback and model answers for all sections and activities to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of facts.
You will learn strategies, tips and tricks used by qualified professionals
You will be guided by experienced and knowledgeable team of mentors, lecturers and professors.
Lessons are conducted one-to-one. So, you get all the attention from the IELTS trainer.
Each lesson is aimed to improve your English language proficiency and help you score higher in the real test.
IELTS preparation course in Australia is available online. So, you can access your course material sitting in the comfort of your home as long as you have a computer and running internet connection.

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