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Job Assistance

Job Recruitment Consultant Job assistance provider best and cheap agent in australia - pathway education

Job Recruitment Consultant

Are you a fresher, looking forward to building a prosperous career? Or an employee looking for a better opportunity? Or a company owner looking for the right talent?

Pathway Education is one of the leading job recruitment agency in Australia who is ready to assist you in your talent hunt expedition. Being one of the renowned job recruitment consultants in and around Australia, we have connected millions of people with their dream job and jobs with the best suitable talent.

How does the job assistance agency in Australia work?

Recruitment agencies in Australia help thousands of employees fill vacant job positions that are relevant to their educational qualification and career prospects. These recruitment firms work by
Conducting extensive research about the various job market and uses the research data to analyze what exactly a particular position or job requires.
Identifying the potential candidates suitable for the job position.
Pre-screening candidates before they are recommended and send for the job interview.
Providing relevant help to the employer for a smooth interview and hiring process.

Advantages of hiring a job recruitment consultant

Employers can easily outsource the process of hiring a suitable candidate. Thus, reducing the effort of going through the whole process themselves.
Employers don’t have to shuffle through thousands of applications and filter the most suitable ones.
They don’t have to spend time and effort shortlisting the candidates depending on their qualification, educational background, experience and other eligibility criteria. It is expertly done by the recruitment agent. Thus, saving a lot of valuable time, money and effort.

Advantages of hiring a job recruitment consultant job assistant best cheap agent in australia - pathway education

How to find the right job for you with a job recruitment agency in Australia?

The first step involves choosing a recruitment agent and send an updated resume to them.
Once an employer informs the recruitment agency about a vacancy, they begin looking into their repository of resume to choose the right candidates who match the criteria for the position.
If the employer has specified the number of candidates required, the recruitment agent accordingly shortlists the best suitable resumes for the position.
The next step involves calling up each candidate that are shortlisted and modifying the list according to the response received.
The new modified list of candidates is then called for a face-to-face interview or over-the-phone interview with the recruitment agent.
The interview is scheduled to know more about the candidate, their career goals, expected salary figure and a few elementary questions from the resume. Once they are satisfied they will either forward your resume to the company employer for the job interview or your cv will be updated in the database for later use.
If you are not suitable for the current job position, all you need to do is wait. Once a suitable job that matches your skills and qualification comes up, the agency will get in touch with you.

What if you don’t get a call?

There are slow hiring months like during summer, Christmas, New Year etc. If you have sent your cv during this time and don’t receive a call, don’t panic. Just wait until the festivals are over and the hiring season starts. In Australia, it is usually January to March and July to September. Furthermore, you can always call the agency for an update about a vacancy.

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