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Health Insurance (OSHC)

Health Insurance provider best cheap Overseas Student Health Cover OSHC - overseas visitor health cover OVHC - pathway education

Health Insurance (OSHC)

One of the important criteria for granting student visa and migration facilities to overseas students in Australia is an overseas student health insurance cover. Until you have valid health insurance, no Australian institute or immigration department would grant you a student visa.

The Australian department of Home Affairs has made it mandatory for students to possess an OSHC with a validity that covers the duration they are going to stay in Australia. Not only students but also their spouses, family and children under 18 years of age are liable to obtain an OSHC to get a visa in Australia.

Pathway Education offers the best overseas student health cover services in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Tasmania which is available to all international students aspiring to study and build their careers from an Australian institution.

Benefits of obtaining an overseas health cover from the cheapest best provider in australia OSHC, OVHC - pathway education

Benefits of obtaining an overseas health cover from the cheapest OSHC service provider in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania

OSHC covers your visits to the doctors or specialists, hospital treatment, ambulance cover, and limited pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs.

OSHC also covers a varied range of different OSHC products – basic products that covers mandatory minimal medical services and comprehensive and extra services products as and when required.

List of Medicare Benefits you will get if you hire the best overseas student health cover services in Adelaide

Apart from a granted student visa, there is a long list of medical aids you can avail of if you have a valid OSHC or the best overseas visitors’ health cover service in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Tasmania. Furthermore, you can save a lot of medical expenses during your stay in Australia.

Some of the extensive medical services insured under OSHC include

Rehabilitation Services
Effective Psychiatric Services
Assistance in Palliative Care
Brain and Nervous System Aid
24/7 Blood Availability
Bone Marrow Treatment or Transplant
Cancer Treatment – Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy
Ophthalmologist for Eye Care
Special Cataract Treatment
Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists

Implantation of hearing edges
Tonsils, Adenoids and Grommets Aid
Joint replacements ( including hip and knee)
Back, Neck and Spine Issues
Organ Transplant
Kidney and Bladder
Dialysis for chronic kidney failure
Gastrointestinal endoscopy
Hernia and Appendix
Heart and Vascular care

Gynecology issues (including birth, miscarriage, and termination of pregnancy)
Male Reproductive System
Pain Management
Weight Loss Surgeries
Dermatology department
Sleep cycle studies
Dental Care
Podiatric Surgery
Diabetes Management Cure
Orthopedic Treatment – Bone, joint reconstruction and muscle

Medicare Benefits Visitors in Australia can get if you avail the best overseas visitor’s health cover services in Adelaide

Medicare Benefits Visitors in Australia can get if you avail the best overseas visitor’s health cover services in Adelaide
Overseas Visitor Health Cover is developed to assist Australian visitors with an easy and cheap opportunity to get medical care at public hospitals.

What are the advantages of getting an OVHC from the cheapest OVHC service provider in Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine and Tasmania

Different OVHC plans are available for different income level families. Though the plans may or may not incorporate special treatment benefits like cancer or similar illness, basic medical care is equally available for all.
OVHC potentially cuts down on the expenses of buying pharmaceutical products over a limited range

Importance of Getting an OVHC from the best overseas visitors health cover services in Adelaide

We at Pathway Education understand and encourage our clients to get suitable health insurance before they travel to Australia. One of the primary requisites in your visa processing and migration facilities, OVHC is important in many other ways for visitors and workers in Australia.
Holding a valid OVHC is a mandatory condition for everyone visiting Australia
The department of Home Affairs in the Australian Government has made it mandatory for every person holding an overseas working or studying visa to get sufficient OVHC for the time they stay in Australia or until their visa expires.
Australian hospital treatments and medical care are expensive
Visitors traveling to Australia cannot access a publicly funded medical system that is available for residents and citizens. As a result, they have to avail of the private hospitals where medical aid is extremely high. On average a patient might have to spend almost AUD $1000 per day for normal medical assistance. The right plan of OVHC helps to cover such high expenses yet meets the regular medical care facility.
A prime necessity to cover visa requirement
Since medical availability is limited to residents and citizens, adequate OVHC is a mandatory requisite for all types of visa processing in Australia to cover medical checkups and treatments at affordable prices.

General FAQ

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What if I cancel my current insurance policy?

If you cancel your policy during your stay and fail to purchase a new one, this will result in your visa cancellation as you are obligated to ensure that you comply with the 8501 or OVHC Condition. This will also affect the processing of visa applications that you make in the future.

How long does it take to receive the policy certificate?

Your insurance policy certificate or document will be sent by email as soon as your payment is received by Insurance Company. If you make the payment through credit card, you can receive your document within few hours. However, in case if you choose to extend or change the dates of your current policy, it may take 24-48 business hours to get the updated policy certificate.

What benefits you will get after purchasing an insurance policy from pathway education?

We are partnered with leading insurance companies in Australia,  Not only users get the privilege of comparing multiple plans of those providers to choose the best one.

Why do you need a health insurance to get an Australian visa?

Australia is a country that boasts one of the best health standards in the world. And, to maintain those standards, migrants looking to visit, study or work in Australia are required to meet minimum health requirements to be granted a visa.

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