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Business Visa Services

Best Business Visa Australia Migration Agents - Australian Employer Nomination Scheme

Business Visa Australia Migration Agents

Different Business visas in Australia supports overseas business people to travel to the Country either for Australian employer nomination scheme or work related activities like attending a conference or seminar, presenting a deal etc or start a new business.

Pathway Education is a team of competent business visa migration agents who can assist you with the necessary aid to process your visa application and grant smoothly and peacefully. Working with some of the most accomplished and experienced Business Visa Services Australia migration agents we have delivered quality assistance to numerous customers from all over the world.

Eligibility criteria to get the business migration visa Australia

Must be a genuine traveller with a valid reason and good intention to travel to the Country
Must possess sufficient funds to support yourself and any family member dependent on you
Must possess strong and unbroken ties with your native country to ensure you return back after your trip is over
A police clearance certificate is a must. It ensures you have a clean past criminal record.
Health related documents that meet the basic health requirements needs to be produced
 You must be able to produce a genuine invitation from an authorised company with whom you are/will be engaged in business activities.

Essential Documents needed to apply for the business migration visa Australia

Current Passport

A softcopy of your valid passport is required to be submitted that verify your identity and nationality

Old Passport

If you have an old passport that has expired or completely stamped, include a copy of the first and last page of the passport. It will give the details of your travel history.


You need to provide your photograph to the immigration authority based on the specified norms:
a) Must be clicked with an all white background
b) Two copies of photograph needs to be submitted
c) The size dimensions must be 35*45mm
d) Must have a matte finish
e) Your photograph must cover 80% of the photo frame
f) It must be clicked recently
g) The expression on your face must be neutral. Smiling or frowning face is not acceptable
h) No glasses should be worn while clicking the photograph
i) Your face must be visible clearly in the photograph. Hair should be brushed or tied at the back.

Air Ticket

Confirmed to and fro air tickets must be produced to the immigration authority. It must showcase the details of the complete plan until your return to your native home country.


Must produce the complete itinerary that will mention the day to day schedule, travel plans and programs while staying in Australia.

Authority Letter

Business visa Australia agent can help you about getting an authorised letter from an offshore Australian government agent. The letter must be addressed to the agency and obtained with a stamp and signature

Covering Letter From Company

A cover letter must be provided from the company in the name of the employee travelling to Australia on behalf of the company. The letter must include:
a) The details of their stay in Australia
b) Details of the employee and the company and must be written on a company letterhead duly signed with an official seal.

Bank Statement

Bank statements will display that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia. The statement must be duly signed and stamped by the authorized bank.

Income Tax Return Statements

Income tax return statement to provide a record of the tax paid to the government by the concerned company or business agent. It must comprise the tax paying record in the last 3 years.

Invitation Letter From Company

Invitation letter from the company who had called upon a particular employee to attend a conference, seminar or a meeting with different companies from all over the world to start a new venture.

Company Registration Documents

Company registration documents are mandatory to apply for a business migration visa Australia to prove the authenticity of your business travel and that your company is licensed and certified.

Why should you hire Pathway Education’s best business visa services in Australia - Australian employer nomination scheme

Why should you hire Pathway Education’s business visa services in Australia?

Affordable yet High Quality Services
Licensed and Certified company
Knowledgeable and experienced migration agents
Personalized and professional services
Communicates and interacts with the concerned departments on your behalf
Ensures a safe, secure and private environment
Special consultation services to assist you with the guidelines and processing.

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