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Accommodations Assistance

International Student Accommodation Assistance best in australia for internation student rental homestay on-campus appartment hostel - PEVS

International Student Accommodation Assistance

Leaving one’s native land and living in a different country is in itself a stressful challenge. Adding to this, for migrants, safe and secure accommodation is also a major concern. But if you are a student moving into Australia for your higher studies or any other educational qualification, then Australian Government, State and Territory Government is proud to provide accommodation assistance in Australia for all eligible international students.

Pathway Education is a team of migration service providers who can help you with migration facilities including suitable International student accommodation support. Depending on the visa eligibility norms, availability and your budget, we ensure you get the best suitable assistance to feel comfortable and secured in the country.

Eligibility Norms to get the best international student accommodation assistance in Australia

Choosing the right place to stay depends on your age and the type of course you have selected to study in Australia.

For High School Student

You can stay with your relatives (if any).
You can share an apartment with an Australian Family in a Homestay.
You can enrol into a Boarding School.

For Tertiary Students You May Choose From

You can choose to stay in student residences.
Share an Apartment with an Australian Family.
Living alone, with friends or family.

Various Accommodation Assistance in Australia Available for Students

Australia provides great homestay facilities where the international student can choose to stay with an Australian family in their own home. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the Australian lifestyle. The homestay facilities are popular among secondary students or students who are taking short-term courses. Usually, a single or a shared room is available which costs about A$110 to A$270 per week. The food expenses are generally included in the cost but there are also self-catering homestays available.
Hostel or Guest House Facility
Hostel or guest house facilities are also readily available for international students. Bathroom and kitchen are usually shared and the student usually cooks for themselves. Cost is around A$80-A$135 per week. The hostel is a cheaper option compared to other International student accommodations assistance and gives a great opportunity to meet and interact with other international students.
Rental Property
You can also choose to rent a property with shared housemates or friends. These types of rental homes are usually unfurnished and students might need to provide some type of furniture into the property. The shared rental cost ranges from about A$70-A$250 per week. These types of accommodation require pre-payment of rent or a security deposit which is usually one month rent in advance.
On-Campus Housing
Some Australian universities provide on-campus residential colleges, hall of residence or apartments. Price and availability is a major concern and international students need to apply before their arrival to get a suitable room. The price ranges from A$80-A$250 per week.
Many universities offer apartments either on or off-campus that are close to the university for the students to rent. These apartments give a lot of security as they come under university provided housing. The students can enjoy the benefit of self-catering living and with a wide range of housings available, you can choose the best fit for you.

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