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Aged Parent visa

A Comprehensive Look at Australia’s Aged Parent Visa


Families often desire elderly parents to live nearby grandchildren make cherished memories final years. For Australian permanent resident citizens, the Aged Parent visa program provides a pathway to unite aging parents’ homeland. However, stringent eligibility rules and financial requirements enforced protect taxpayer interests. Aged parents migrate 

Australia confronted complex visa application processes with substantive charges contributory visa streams to offset government welfare costs and aged care expenses. Quotas processing delays frustrate applicant’s lengthy separations from loved ones commonplace. 

Despite challenges, aged parent visa Australia gradually increased acknowledging family reunification humanitarian values balanced prudent fiscal immigration policies. A comprehensive understanding Aged Parent visa complexities assists families make informed decisions future living arrangements.

Eligibility and Application Requirements of Aged Parent Visa

Australia offers an Aged Parent visa program allowing elderly parents to migrate and join children residing as permanent residents or citizens. Eligibility criteria exist stringent guidelines must be met. Visa applicants need assurance from sponsoring offspring capacity requirements to fulfill financially supporting parents upon arrival without recourse to government welfare for six months minimum. 

Applicants aged 65 years proved health abilities cope independently evidence mandatory. Medical examinations assess suitability. Aged parent visa Australia subject visa application charges additional charges may apply based circumstances. Two visa streams available Aged Parent visa Contributory Aged Parent stream requires applicants pay a significantly higher visa application charge compared non-contributory Aged Parent visa option.

Visa Costs and Financial Requirements  

The Aged Parent visa program has two streams with very different associated costs:

•       Non-Contributory Aged Parent Visa

– Currently has a base application fee of AUD 7,715 per person

– This is the only upfront cost for this visa stream

•       Contributory Aged Parent Visa 

– Requires payment of a much higher visa application charge of AUD 47,825 per person

– In addition to the standard application fee noted above

– This steep cost is designed to have parents contribute towards their future aged care costs and offset the burden on taxpayers

There are also financial requirements the sponsoring children must meet to be approved:

• Sponsors must demonstrate they can financially support their parents without relying on government welfare assistance for at least 6 months

• Minimum annual income thresholds apply that vary based on:

– Number of parents being sponsored

– Whether the parents’ partners are also included 

• Financial capacity is assessed individually for each parent

Additional considerations around finances:

• Contributory Parent visa holders are prohibited from accessing welfare payments like the pension for 10 years after arrival

– This is designed to have them partly self-fund aged care

– Access may be granted in cases of unforeseen financial hardship, assessed individually  

• Non-contributory visa holders retain access to Australian pension/welfare, subject to normal eligibility tests on income and assets

• All aged parents may access government subsidies for permanent aged care later in life, based on assessments of care needs

The dual visa streams aim to balance facilitating family reunification while having sponsors and contributory parents financially plan for future aged care expenses.

Processing Times and Documentation

Visa processing times for Aged parent visa Australia can be lengthy, sometimes exceeding multi-year waits depending on caseloads and application backlogs. A few key points about processing times:

• Contributory Parent visas are prioritized over non-contributory applicants, resulting in shorter processing times

• Processing times have increased as application volumes and backlogs grow annually 

• Annual visa caps or quotas remain largely constant despite rising demand

The application process requires extensive documentation to be submitted, including:

• Identification documents (passports, birth certificates, etc.)

• Police certificates/clearances

• Evidence of relationship to the sponsoring child (birth certificates, family relationship statements, etc.)

• Household income, asset and liability statements for sponsors

• Relationship statements describing ties between applicants and sponsors

• Results of required health examinations for visa applicants

Strict documentation submission requirements must be followed precisely. If files are incomplete, processing delays can occur. Applicants must be diligent in providing all required information accurately and on time.

There are limited quotas annually for the total number of Aged Parent visas that can be granted each year. As a result:

• Many visa applicants face refusals due to the annual caps on visas issued

• Visa caps or quotas have been raised somewhat over the past decade, but not enough to meet rising demand

• This quota system leads to growing application backlogs each year

Following all the documentation requirements is critical, as incomplete applications can face processing holds and potential denials if the visa quota is met for that year.

Access to Government Benefits

Elderly parents granted Aged parent visa Australia are generally ineligible to claim government Centrelink pension payments ten years after arrival given stringent contributory requirements offset welfare costs. 

Provisions obtain welfare pension Contributory Parent visa holders exist situations unforeseen financial hardship arising. Immigration authorities assess claims case-by-case basis determination assistance eligibility. 

Non-contributory Aged Parent visa holders retain access to Australian welfare pension systems subject to normal requirements asset income tests. Permanent aged care later life may access government subsidies facilities pending assessments of care needs.


Australia’s Aged Parent visa program facilitates elderly parents uniting offspring subject to meeting rigid health financial evidence requirements applicable charges paid. The Contributory Parent visa pathway offers parents the capacity to contribute aged care costs minimizing taxpayer welfare burden. Extended processing times quotas frustrate applicants lengthy wait periods common. Stringent document submission evidentiary criteria cause frequent processing delays and refusals to occur. Despite challenges remining Aged Parent visa quotas raised marginally decade growing application numbers Australia facilitates aged parents settling children grandchildren gradual capacity permits.

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