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Partner Visas Subclass 100: Key to Unlocking Your Life Together in Australia


Australia enthusiastically embraces couples intent on an intertwined future through its revered Partner Visa (subclass 100). This visa pathway allows spouses and de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealanders to unite cohabit and ultimately attain permanent residency. While stringent eligibility criteria scrutinize relationships, substantial evidence solidifies legitimate bonds.

The comprehensive application demands diligent documentation spanning facets like finances, social circles and familiarity with each other’s kin. Processing times vary, necessitating patience amidst upheavals of relocation. 

However, permanent residency unlocks myriad opportunities – employment, education, business prospects alongside coveted Australian citizenship. This visa symbolizes more than just documentation – it immortalizes love’s transcendence over borders, welcoming couples into a promising new reality enriched through mutual understanding and support.

Subclass 100 Eligibility Criteria  

Australia’s Partner Visa program subclass 100 opens doors for couples desiring a shared life Down Under. This visa category permits spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to live together harmoniously.

Eligibility hinges on clearing fundamental criteria like age, health standards, character requirements coupled with providing evidence of a genuine, continuing marital or de facto relationship. Documenting your commitment spans realms like joint finances, social intersections, knowledge about one another’s families.

Subclass 100 Application Process

Meticulous Preparation Required

  • This multifaceted visa application demands careful attention to detail and thorough preparation across various aspects.

Obtain Police Clearances  

  • Applicants must get national police clearance certificates from every country they have lived in for 12 months or more over the last 10 years.
  • This is to assess whether they have a criminal record that could impact the visa decision.

Health Examinations 

  • All applicants are required to undergo medical examinations from a panel physician approved by the Australian immigration authorities.
  • This ensures they meet the health requirement and are free from any condition that could risk public health or cause excessive healthcare costs.

Relationship Authenticity

  • Extensive evidence must be provided to prove the relationship is genuine and ongoing.  
  • This includes joint finances, social media trails, knowledge of each other’s families/friends, shared responsibilities and more.

Application Lodging

  • For offshore applicants, the visa can be lodged online or by paper application at the nearest Australian visa office.
  • Onshore applicants already in Australia on other visas may be eligible to apply while remaining in the country.

Careful Documentation   

  • Compiling all supporting documents like birth/marriage certificates, ID proofs, employment details is crucial.
  • Incomplete applications can lead to delays or refusal, so being thorough is paramount.

Preparing a comprehensive Partner visa application involves painstaking efforts across various fronts to demonstrate eligibility for this migration pathway to live in Australia.

Evidencing Your Relationship  

Compiling copious evidence proves pivotal. Statements from relatives, friends elucidating relationship nuances lend credibility. Photos chronicling milestones – festivities, trips, special occasions narrate intimacy’s evolution.

Correspondence trails, be they emotional letters or whimsical texts, validate devotion’s timeline. Utility bills, lease agreements substantiate shared responsibilities. Ultimately, the onus lies on you to sculpt a compelling narrative transcending paperwork.

Processing duration

The processing duration, spanning several months to years occasionally, warrants patience. Remaining updated on visa status forms prudence. Complex cases or incomplete applications trigger delays. Responding promptly to information requests from the Department accelerates progression.  

Post Permanent Residency  

Upon permanent visa grant, an ocean of opportunities unveils – studying, operating businesses, and accessing Medicare alongside pathways to citizenship after the requisite residence duration. This pivotal juncture sets the foundations for an interwoven Australian future.

A New Chapter

Ultimately, Partner Visas subclass 100 intertwines lives across borders allowing love’s tapestry to flourish uninhibited on Australian soil. The relocation’s multidimensional reverberations necessitate pragmatism complemented by mutual compassion. With commitment as bedrock, the challenges melt – replaced by contentment’s glow as you forge a harmonious new normal enriching each other’s worlds.


At its core, the Partner Visa subclass 100 exemplifies Australia’s include of cultural variety and family values. The exhausting yet profitable journey culminates in partners embarking on a transformative chapter. United via steadfast commitment, they forge an interwoven lifestyles – savoring existence’s nuances Down Under.

This visa crystallizes dreams into fact as couples etch their unique narratives across Australia’s multicultural tapestry. It heralds the sunrise of interminable trips enriching the social fabric through the last substances – love, resilience and togetherness.

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