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What is an Employer-sponsored Visa for Australia and How do i Get It?


The Employer-sponsored Visa permits skilled workers to live or work Australia during up to four years as an approved business. The visa is temporary and allows applicants to bring their immediate relatives to Australia.

Below are the different subtypes of Employer Sponsored Visa to better understand and the implementation of for your guide.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa – Subclass 482

This visa is also identified as the TSS visa is a temporary Australian work visa that is designed to fill a gap in the Australian market for labour. It permits you to work full-time for an approved Australian business in a position in which you’re competent and skilled.

Employer Nomination Visa – Subclass 186 ENS

Permanent residence can be granted for you (and any members of your family) as part of an Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) 186 visa.

An employer that is qualified must provide you with. After approval of this visa employer will need to be able provide you with a full-time, two-year job, pay you at the market rate for your salary and provide a description of the way your position fits into the overall business.

Direct Entry applicants need to undergo an evaluation of their skills (few exceptions apply) in the visa application process.

Training Visa – Subclass 407

This is a short-term visa that permits applicants to undertake the process of occupational training in Australia for professional registration or to pursue professional development training.

If you are on a visa 407 is that you are able to work for the sponsor. You must be employed for at minimum 30 hours per week, and be paid at the minimum Award pay rate for the chosen position. If you have a spouse in your 407 application your dependent is entitled to the right to work for 40 hours each two weeks.

A 407 visa typically takes 3-4 months to process. If your passport is scheduled expiring, we might be able of submitting your 407 visas so you can remain in Australia with a bridging visa as your application is completed.

Temporary Activity Visa – Subclass 408

The 408-fast activity (sports stream) visas are available for 3 months or 2 years. The conditions for qualifying depend on the duration of access sought.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa – Subclass 494

  • The location of your employer within an Australian region. This is not applicable to employers located that are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The provincial regions comprise Perth as well as The Gold Coast.
  • Your job is listed on the list of jobs that are relevant (over 700 jobs).
  • Your company will require authorization from your local Regional Certifying Body (RCB).
  • The position has to be permanent, legitimate, and available for at least 5 years.
  • It would be helpful to be compensated according to market rates.
  • Employers must be able to pay for an amount for the Skilling Australia Fund (SAF) fee.
  • A sponsor has to be approved. Australian employers with approval don’t need to apply for approval again.

How to get Employer Sponsored Visa?

It is helpful when you are suggested by a supervisor who is legally authorized.

  • You need to have an employment opportunity on the list of occupations that are suitable for your skills.
  • An appropriate assessment of your skills for employment is necessary.
  • It could be helpful to be younger than 45 years old.
  • You must satisfy the fundamental English proficiency requirements for language.
  • If 457 visa holders have worked for two years for the same employer or a associated business of the employer and their 457 visas were issued prior to April 18 in 2017. In this situation, they could submit an application for Employer-Nominated Sponsorship. up to 186 tickets, before the age of 50.
  • Additionally, 482 visa holders may apply for a Company nominated sponsorship visa the number 186, if their job is listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic List (MLTSSL) and they’ve had sponsorship from the exact business or a related business of the employer for a period of three years. The application has to be made prior to the time that the applicant is 45 years old.
  • The job you are selected by your employer must be included on the Long and Medium-Term Strategic List (MLTSSL). The candidate for 186-visa must take a Skills Assessment from the assessing authority for the occupation and demonstrate that they possess at least 3 years post-qualification expertise. At the time of applying applicants must be younger than 45 years of age.

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