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186 Visa Transition Stream Processing Time for Australia


Once they have been nominated from their employers, talented individuals can live and work in Australia under visas in the category of 186, Visa Transition stream. Since this is a long-term visa, applicants must be nominated by their employer prior to submitting an application for visa.

The Current Processing Time Average is listed below:

  • Visa applications are dealt with within 7 to 8 months and 75 percent in subclass 186 visa application are processed in four months.
  • The processing of visa applications takes within five months, while 75 percent Subclass 186 visa application are processed in 87 days.
  • 90% of visa applications require around 10 months. 75% of visa applications in the subclass 186 Visa Transition Stream need about five months.

Based on the particulars of the applicant and the sponsor in addition to the general nature of the application that is submitted for consideration by the Department of Home Affairs, different lengths of time required to process every application.

Differences in Processing Time

Each application is considered independently. The processing timeframes can vary due to various variables, such as:

  • If you’ve submitted an application, and all the supporting documents. Utilize the checklists available on Immi Account to ensure that you’ve attached all documents required.
  • If you completed an application on paper or online. The application process is quick when you apply online.
  • You respond quickly to requests for additional details
  • the time it takes us to conduct the necessary inspections
  • It’s necessary to collect data from different organizations especially regarding moral character requirements physical fitness, moral character, national security. It is also important to know the number of spots open in the program for applications of permanent Visas.
  • Processing times are affected by a myriad of factors such as difficult conditions as well as variations in the number of applications, and modifications to ministerial guidelines.

A Timeline for Visa Processing

It is possible to find an estimate of how long it will take to complete your visa application by using our most recent Visa processing time schedule. The time required to process recent completed applications is used to determine this expected timetable. There is a chance that your application will not processed in this time. You may also look to see if you qualify for Australian citizenship in Melbourne.

Family Visa Processing Priorities

We process requests for family migration according to the policy objectives of the government regardless of when the application is received. It is also important to verify

The processing priorities currently are as follows: highest priority first

  • Applications for family immigration that required the intervention of the minister
  • Petitions made by dependent children or spouses unless the sponsor, or prospective sponsor has entered Australia in a way that is not legal under a maritime route and has an permanent visa, requests submitted by an orphaned parent are not accepted.
  • Unless the sponsor or the putative sponsor came into Australia in a way that is illegally by maritime route and has an Australian visa for permanent residence, applications made by a professional cannot be accepted.
  • Applications submitted by parents, older parent, live relatives or seniors dependent relatives.
  • Applications for permanent visas when the applicant or the intended applicant entered Australia in a way that was illegal, such as by boat.

Persuasive and Compassionate Conditions

Priority will be granted to your case when you are able to demonstrate the way in which the request for a spouse or child visa would help the applicant. You must submit evidence of your claims as well as the request in favour of priority processing with the office that is handling your application.

There is no assurance of your request being considered over those of others who are in just as compelling or perhaps more supportive circumstances.

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Based on the particulars of the applicant and the sponsor along with the general requirements of the application that is submitted for submission to the Department of Home Affairs, various amounts of time will be required to review each application.

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