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How to Convert a Visitor Visa to Partner Visa Australia?


The decision of couples to wed is an exciting moment. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly. Sometimes, it’s something they’ve been discussing for some time and other issues may influence their choice of a marriage. As a professional in the field of migration I deal with many immigrants from abroad who come to Australia to marry their loved ones. The normal process of going starting from being a guest in Australia to being married and receiving an expert partner visa is comprised of seven steps.

Step To Convert a Visitor Visa to Partner Visa Australia

Step 1. Confirm that you don’t have a “no further stay” restriction and extend your visiting visa.

The understanding of No Further Stays Conditions also known as NFS is the initial step to convert your visitor’s visa to an associate visa. Australian Visitor Visa may be granted for up to one year, however it is typically granted for three months and often they come with a “no further stay” restriction is affixed. Make sure to check the condition of your current visitor’s visa If you do, don’t be concerned you can ask to get it waived. If you’d prefer having me, take care of this for you, that’s absolutely fine.

Step 2:  Enjoy your wedding!

Now you can focus on the things that matter after your visa extension has been completed. With the limitations currently in place regarding weddings’ sizes I’m certain that your wedding stories will be just as gorgeous as those I’ve heard from my clients about their weddings.

Step 3: Prepare to submit your partner’s visa application.

It can be helpful to concentrate on obtaining your visa for your partner after you’ve been married. This is required to ensure that you are able to legally reside and work or go to school in Australia and also access health care.

First, you will be granted temporary visas in the second stage of the procedure to apply for the partner visa. Then, you are able to apply for Australian citizenship in Melbourne permanent. You must check pathways to PR to Australia | Melbourne.

Step 4: Gather your supporting documentation to change your visiting visa to a partner visa in step four.

This is the most challenging part of the whole process. So I’ve made this a separate process. If you’ve done a fantastic job at proving your connections it’s likely that you won’t have to be interviewed and your application will be approved without issue, but If you don’t do it do this, you’ll face lots of issues in the future.

Step 5: Get your partner’s visa paperwork translate into English as the fifth step.

The documents you provide along with your application will can be translated into English If English isn’t your primary language. It is possible to do this by either Australia or in your country However, be aware that it’s a cost So plan your trip in advance.

Step 6: The Sixth Step is to apply for a temporary Partner visa.

You’ve already invested many hours of work; all you have to do is submit your application for a Subclass 820 Partner Visa. It is essential to provide identification documents as well as accurate information to complete an expert partner visa application.

You and your Australian partner will need to know the Transaction Reference Number you receive when you apply for the visa and pay for the fee on the Department of Home Affairs’ Immi Account website to submit their application for sponsorship.

Step 7: watch for the approval of your new Visa.

After you have submitted an application form for visa to partner and you are granted an bridging visa that allows you to work and go to schools in Australia. While you wait you wait to see an approval from your partner visa expert to approve your application.

After you have submitted your application, you’ll need to continue uploading documents to show that your relationship is continuous and genuine.

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The procedure to apply for the spouse of be granted an Australian Visitor Visa is draw out and complicated. Prior to making an application for the spouse visa you need to gather the required documents and meet the certain conditions for eligibility.

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