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How to Get a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for Australia


Each country will have different visa policies for individuals who are visiting their country for different motives. Individuals who completed their graduate degrees or other program can remain and be employed in companies in accordance with their qualifications. This visa for temporary graduates is the ideal alternative for those who wish to pursue higher level and wish to work in a country. They should apply for this visa. Anyone who requires this temporary visa for graduate students 485 Melbourne should possess certain qualities and academic qualifications to be approved.

In order to obtain this visa for temporary graduates, there are a few requirements. Students who meet the requirements are eligible to receive these visas, which allow international citizens work and live in their home country. Numerous benefits are provided by this visa class.

Individuals who have this visa will have various advantages and limitations according to their academic qualifications and other comparable information. This is why these are essential details to be aware of regarding the temporary graduate visa and the importance it has in other countries. To obtain a speedy graduate visa, students need to submit the required forms and documentation that will aid the authorities in analysing and approve the visa.

Eligibility for Getting a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Melbourne

The people who require an entry visa for their graduation need to follow specific rules that must be followed and those who fall to the requirements are the ideal candidate for an entry visa to Australia. The basic qualifications for temporary graduate visas are.

  • Hold an acceptable Visa
  • You must have an academic visa during the past six months
  • Must be younger than 50 years of age
  • You must obtain the top certifications through a CRICOS-registered training course
  • Only one steam is allowed No chance to switch visa streams after submitting
  • Include all the required documentation when you apply

Here are a few of the criteria that individuals have to meet in order to receive an temporary graduate visa 485 Melbourne those who have this visa with all of these qualifications can continue to study and begin their studies in Australia without legal issues. The eligibility requirements will work for all types of work visas offered within the country.

Different Kinds of Temporary Graduate Visas 485 Melbourne

The applicants for temporary graduate visas will have a variety of options, and each comes with different requirements. However, all come in the category of temporary student visas 485. Therefore, certain kinds of visas are

  • Graduate work stream
  • Post-study work stream
  • Second Post-study work stream
  • Replacement stream

These are the different types of visas that are available in the form of a temporary student visa. Each will come with its own cost, and the stay conditions will also vary depending on the type of visa that is being sought on this list. These visas come with different features for those who will be receiving them.

  • Graduate work stream

This visa is available to recent graduates from international universities with the necessary skills and qualifications for the specific jobs available in Australia. With this visa, individuals can remain in Australia, work, or take classes in Australia for a short time. The duration of stay of this type is between 18 and 24 months. Passport holders from British or Hong Kong are able to be granted a stay of five years. The cost of this visa is approximately AUD1,730.

  • Post-study work stream

This visa is available to students who have graduated at Australian universities. Through this Visa, they are able to remain, study, or work for a short duration of between 2 and four years based on their credentials. British as well as Hong Kong people will get five years to remain, work or pursue studies. The cost for the visa is AUD1,730 which is also an element of the temporary graduate visas 485 Melbourne that will help all students gain extra time to remain and study or work.

  • Post-studies work streams for the second time.

This visa option is only available to individuals who have received an initial post-study visa. It will also permit the applicants to reside, study and work within the country. It is only required that they are graduates of universities within the regional region of Australia.

  • Replacement stream

This visa is only for those with the current temporary graduate visa, or for former visa holders. If they lose time on their visas, they are eligible to apply for this visa in order to circumvent COVID-19 travel limitations. The visa permits people to stay, work, and go to school within the country. The cost for this visa is the same to other visas that are available.

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Here are a few facts that everyone should be aware of the benefits that come in temporarily-issued graduate visas, 485 Melbourne. These details can help to better understand the various features available with the temporary visas for graduate students.

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