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Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)


Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Migration

The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) is designed especially for students aiming to attend a graduation course or opt for higher education in an Australian university. 485 Visa Australia allows the students to stay, study and work in Australia for a minimum period of 18 months which can be extended upto 2 to 4 years after the completion of the relevant course.

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What is the Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

As the name suggests, it is a temporary Graduate Visa 485 designed for students taking up graduation or masters degree courses in Australia
TR Visa Australia allows students to live, study and work full time in Australia after completion of their respective qualifications
The students are also permitted to bring their immediate family members to stay with them.
The Visa subclass 485 is available in two major streams:
a) 485 Graduate Work Stream Visa: applicable for international students who have graduated with the qualification and skills that is highly in demand for specific occupation in Australia
b) 485 Post-Study Work Stream: Available for international students who have graduated or completed their masters from an Australian university.

Validity norms of the temporary graduate visa subclass 485-agent-in-australia-pathway-education

Validity norms of the temporary graduate visa subclass 485

The graduate visa 485 workstream is valid for 18 months
The 485 Post Study Work Stream Visa permits students to stay and work in Australia for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years depending on their qualifications and degree.

a) For students with bachelor’s degree including Honours and Master’s degree by coursework can stay for 2 years
b) Students with Master’s degree with research can live for 3 years
c) Doctorate degree students are permitted to stay for 4 years
However, the visa states that the Government is not responsible to arrange for a job for the students. They have to find their own jobs
The visa subclass 485 is a temporary visa and cannot be extended under any circumstances. However, students can choose a different skilled work visa to expand their stay in Australia.
The term of validity of the subclass 485 visa starts from the very day when it was granted.

485 Visa Requirement and Eligibility Criteria to Obtain the Temporary Graduate Visa Australia

The candidate must be less than 50 years of age
The student should possess a current student visa or must have possessed a student visa in the past 6 months.
The TR Visa Australia is not available for applicants if they already had subclass 485 or 475 in the past as a primary visa
The candidate should fulfil all Australian eligibility norms and study requirements to procure the subclass 485 visa
If one is applying under the graduate work stream, he/she must possess the required qualification and skills to work in Australia.
If the application is made in the 485 Post-study work stream, the candidate must hold a bachelor’s, master’s or Doctorate degree in a CRICOS-recognized stream
The applicant must possess a valid passport if they belong to an English-speaking country like the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland.
If the applicant is not from the above countries, it is mandatory for them to possess ‘Competent English’ proficiency
Candidate must possess adequate health insurance policy according to the eligibility norms
Both the applicants and co-applicants must produce satisfactory health and character certificates from authorised bodies
The applicant must clear any pending dues with the Australian Government before applying for the visa
Any past history of cancellation or refusal of an Australian visa can lead to the cancellation of 485 Visa Australia as well.

What is the Australia Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Condition & Processing Time?

The Australia Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is a temporary visa that allows international students to live and work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies in Australia. There are two streams for the 485 visa: the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Work Stream.

The conditions of the 485 visa include:

The visa is valid for a period of between 18 months to 4 years, depending on the stream and the applicant’s circumstances..
The visa holder must remain in Australia during the validity of the visa.
The visa holder can work in any field or industry, for any employer, during the validity of the visa.
The visa holder may study in Australia for up to 4 months.
The visa holder may travel in and out of Australia during the validity of the visa.

The 485 Visa Processing Time Include:

485 Visa Processing Time can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the completeness of the application and the complexity of the case. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Department of Home Affairs estimated processing times for this visa to be:

  • Graduate Work Stream: 75% of applications are processed within 7 months, and 90% are processed within 9 months.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: 75% of applications processed within 75% of applications processed within 17 months, and 90% were processed within 22 months.

It is important to note that these 485 visa processing times are only indicative and subject to change, and actual processing times may vary. It is recommended to regularly check the Department of Home Affairs website for the latest updates on processing times.

Advantages of a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 - Pathway Education VIsa Services

Advantages of a Temporary Graduate Visa (TR Visa Australia) Subclass 485

Instead of going through the process yourself, Pathway Education’s temporary graduate visa subclass 485 agent can serve you with personalized knowledge and experience to help you get the benefits of visa 485 smoothly and error-free.
Subclass 485 permits the holder to travel outside of Australia as many times as they want as long as the visa is valid. There is also no restriction on the return while the visa is valid.
Applicant can add their immediate family members which includes:
a) Spouse or Partner
b) Children upto 18 years of age. If your children is a student taking up a full time course in Australia, they can be included. However, the age limit is 18-23 years.
c) Mentally or physically disabled children as long as they are financially dependent on the applicant.

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