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Steps To follow Extend Student Visa for Australia


Students studying at Australian universities should renew their visa prior to the expiration date of three months. Renewal upon expiry of the visa is a lengthy procedure, and students have to face various legal challenges with these conditions. Students who are studying abroad will be aware regarding their visa expiration date and also have the right guidance in completing their extension.

However, students who are just beginning to study abroad must be aware of all the details needed. Best Educational Agent Melbourne will assist you, and the Australian immigration authorities are responsible for the extension of visa. Therefore, those who require an extension for their student visa Melbourne must be aware of these specifics that will assist students in completing the process with no hassle.

Documents Necessary to Get Student Visa Extension Melbourne

As with the previous time, the applicants need to submit all documents required to extend their visas, and all details must be in order. This will assist the students receive their extended visas without any delays or problems. The documents required to get visa extensions are

  • Previous Visas
  • Confirmation of enrolment from a university that is enrolled
  • Passport copy
  • Degree certificates
  • Documents needed for student visa
  • Overseas health cover

Therefore, these documents are essential for those to provide when applying for a visa extension. Therefore, those who have all of these documents will be able to get the job done. But all of these documents must be flawless and should be updated in order they can be verified so that it can be speedy and there is no possibility of being rejected.

Various Steps to Enrol for Student Visa Extension Melbourne

To get an extension of their visa, they have to go through several steps that will help them get an extension on their visa. These are the conventional procedures offered by the Australian government Australia as well as the Department of Home Affairs. Many students applying in the process of applying for Australian visa extensions will go through the steps listed above. The steps to follow are

  • Enrol
  • OSHC & Health Examination
  • Visa Documents
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

The following are the essential steps one should follow in order to obtain an extension of their student visa Melbourne. The following steps will allow people to receive a visa extension with any problems. Each step is a great choice, and each step will increase the likelihood of obtaining visa extensions.

  • Enrol

Students studying in Australia can get student visas for an exact length of time based on their academic duration. If a student does not complete the course within a specified time frame, it’s difficult to end the course at the halfway point. Thus, the student needs to submit the COE, which is a confirmation of enrolment and the required documentation to be able to apply for a visa extension procedure. Additionally, the course must be CRICOS.

  • OSHC & Heath Examination

Health insurance is the essential document needed for student visa extensions. A lot of people believe that they should update or extend their health insurance in conjunction with their visas. However, it’s not true. Also, in some cases, the health insurance could expire prior to the visa is issued. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a new insurance plan before they can submit the verification of the visa extension. The authorities who verify the documents will accept only the most recent health insurance.

  • Visa documents

Students who are applying for a students visa extensions in Melbourne must submit all required documents. Although the students are considered to be applying onshore, they are required to renew their student visa application. the fee for application is around $700. In addition, they have to submit all the documents required which include

  • Applicant’s ID proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport Identity page
  • Household registration book pages
  • Curriculum Vitae

This is why these are the documents that applicants must submit for the extension process. These documents are all vital, and they can help to determine the current status of the applicant and other specifics.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

This aspect of the visa extension procedure is crucial, and those who are required to get the procedure completed should be able to get through the hurdles. The applicant must meet all of the requirements of this GTE. Therefore, the criteria for this GTE are

  • Duration of study and its benefits
  • The purpose of the study
  • Circumstances within the country of origin
  • Possible scenarios in the Island nation
  • Family income per year
  • Annual costs for the students

These are the conditions that one must satisfy when applying for the visa extension. Additionally, a variety of benefits are provided. Many students who are applying for the extended student visa Melbourne are aware of these requirements and will be able to overcome the procedure.

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Here are a few facts that people should know about the benefits and services offered by students’ visas. Additionally, the details will assist people in knowing about the procedure for renewing the student visa extension.

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