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Pathway Education – The Most Respected & Best Education Consultants or Agent in Across Melbourne

Best Education Consultants Melbourne - Guiding Students from Various Educational Backgrounds

At Pathway Education, it is our earnest endeavor to assist international students in selecting a course and institution that is best suited to their educational and financial background.

We pride ourselves on being the Best Education Consultants/Agent in Melbourne simply because we take the time to educate students about the academic requirements and fee structures of various courses and let them choose the institute that best caters to their unique needs.

Our Services as a Education Migration Agent in Melbourne

Do you wish to study in Australia? If so, then we are more than willing to assist you. We are the Best Education Migration Agent since we have helped countless students get admission to their dream university. At Pathway Education, we have a decade of consulting experience in the education world and have steadily built a reputation as one of the leading education consultants in Melbourne.

Not only do we offer assistance with admission and visa application, but we also help students who have already enrolled in an institute, change their course or institute if they are not satisfied. So, if you are thinking about changing courses and career path then book an appointment with us. We will assist you with changing your field and the transfer process for credits. Moreover, we will discuss your strengths and match your profile to the foreseeable market demands. As a result, we can help you make the best career choice and also secure maximum scholarships.

Student visa application
Student visa extension
Admission consultation
Counseling for migration services
Counseling for international students wanting to change their course or university.
OSHC insurance policy consultation

Financial Guidance for Student Loans

Since most international students come to study in the land down under, they do so with the help of various loans. Various people tend to inundate students and their families with poor advice which leads to them paying far more than they should.

We as an education consultant in Melbourne take each student’s needs and financial limitations into consideration and have our experts give them the best possible advice on student loans to finance their course of choice.

Cater to Students at Bachelor's and Master's Level

We are the Best Education Consultants in Melbourne because we not only facilitate the immigration process for overseas students but also prepare them for varying levels of education. We give them sound advice about the eligibility criteria and whether they want to opt for a diploma or degree. As a result, students follow their educational path with clarity and confidence. This leads to fewer disappointments and many bright futures.

A to Z assistance through the visa processing period

While one must follow certain procedures while applying for an Australian visa, applying for an overseas student health cover (OSHC) is sacrosanct. We are the Best Education Agent in Melbourne since we educate, assist, and facilitate the entire visa and OSHC processes through streamlined processing practices.

OSHC is a form of insurance that has been designed specifically for the well-being of international students coming over to Australia to pursue higher studies. Hence, we also assist students with choosing the right health coverage considering their financial background.

benefit from an Australian employer nomination scheme - Pathway Education VIsa Services

We help process student visas for the following field

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Graduate Diploma

Overseas students who are looking to pursue higher studies in Australia can apply for a student visa in any of the aforementioned fields. As a leading university education consultant, we have a roster of expert education counselors who will work with you to choose the right course in the institute that is perfect for you. Dedicated and ambitious students with unique requirements will surely benefit from our international education consultant services to a great extent.

Skill Assessment for Teaching best and cheap provider in australia by Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)- Pathway education

The Criteria for Our Student Visa Facilitation Include:

Provide financial requirements to show capability. This depends on your country of origin and the level of assessment it calls for.
Document of OSHC policy
Ability to pay tuition fees.
Current offer letter from University registered under CRICOS.
Accommodation and living expenses.
Sufficient documentation to provide to the immigration officer to live in Australia, abide by the law, and leave as per visa expiry conditions.
Character certificate and police clearance if necessary.

Australia is one of the most visited destinations for overseas students. The country offers culture, wildlife, an excellent standard of living, and innumerable career opportunities. Its universities and colleges are recognized across the globe due to the fine quality of education that they provide. So, if you are looking for the Best Overseas education consultant, then we are just a call away. Get in touch with us today!

Respected Education consultant in Melbourne

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