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Make Your Career Migration Easier with Professional Year Program


If you have just completed graduation or a master’s degree from an Australian university, the most prevailing thought you might have now is ‘What Next?’.

The answer is pretty easy. The best thing to do after completing your education is getting that right job you have studied so hard for all these years and eventually settle down with a Permanent Residency.

But starting the next big step is quite challenging if you are an overseas student. Unaware of Australian work culture can diminish your self-confidence drastically leading to insecurities and fear.

The professional year programs offered by the professional year program prepare you to overcome the struggles of the Australian workforce and kick-start your career with courage and determination.

What is the Program Structure from the Cheapest Professional year Providers in Adelaide:

The 44-week professional year program from the Cheapest Professional Year Providers in Adelaide is available for Accounting, IT or Engineering graduates. It comprises of two basic units: You can also Study SMIPA Professional Year Program in Melbourne.

a) The Classroom Training:

The first 32-weeks are invested in tutoring the students about the fundamentals of the Australian job market, the workplace rules and regulations, business communication training, Australian workplace health and safety measurements, tips for engaging resume writing, career coaching, interview tip and much more.

These classes are conducted by qualified mentors who are expert career and life coaches as well. Within these 32-weeks, you will not only gain the motivation to fight all obstacles in your professional journey but also identify the right direction to achieve your career goals.

b) Internship and Placement Program:

Internship program starts right after the classroom lessons for 12-weeks. Participants are placed in a reputed company in their specific industry to complete their internship program. This unit exposes you to the real Australian work ambience.

In this unit, you will get the opportunity to implement your knowledge into practical application. You will attend company events, meet industry-specific influencers, bond with your peers and managers, build a professional network, practice ethical decision making in stressful situations, handle clients and formal meetings, learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills, develop cultural awareness and sensitivity and become a competent team player.

How the Cheapest Professional year Providers in Adelaide can Assist in your Career Migration?

There are many reasons how you can boost your career migration easily with a professional year course from the cheapest professional years providers in Adelaide:

  • Professional year program imparts a lot of scope for professional and personal development. Starting from improving your communication skills to boosting your confidence with practical work experience, the professional year course has all the elements it needs to make you job-ready.
  • Another benefit of an internship program is that if you show exceptional performance, the host company can decide to hire or sponsor interns for assigned projects or tasks.
  • You can network with industry professionals and leaders. It opens up new opportunities to grow in your field and expand your employability
  • Completing professional year course can fetch you 5 extra migration points towards Permanent Residency points test which helps you get closer to your ultimate goal.

    Professional year courses is a great breakthrough for overseas graduates aspiring to work in Australia. With numerous advantages, you can use the knowledge earned as a stepping stone to reach your professional destination.
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