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Complete Guidelines for International Students who wanted to Change the Course


Students who are enrolled in higher education in Australia or any other country must adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to the country they are studying in and also have an appropriate visa for their education. The majority of students who study abroad may have a variety of ideas about their studies and many are doubts about the course they choose to take.

The majority of Australian universities will offer the option to switch courses for students. Students who choose to change their Course Change Melbourne should decide before July 1st because following that date the government of Australia made a variety of changes to Subclass 500 of the visa for students concerning the possibility of changing courses.

The department of home affairs in Australia has made a number of changes to the laws governing international students. From July 1 onwards students cannot apply for a change in their course and they must obtain permission from the department. These regulations are designed to protect the security of students and should prevent people who are visa holders from transferring of crucial technologies.

So, those who wish to attend universities in Australia must select their course carefully, and once they have picked courses, they are not given an opportunity to change their programs. These are the most important details to know about changes in course at Australian universities. These details can aid students in understanding visas as well as the latest laws regarding subclass 500.

Details about course changes Melbourne

Students who are studying in different cities in Australia including Melbourne are likely to have several modifications to their student visa and those who are enrolled in the universities of Australia will be subject to many changes in their learning process. Students who are seeking different degrees or other courses similar to

  • Doctorate
  • Master’s degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate certificate
  • Any bridging courses

In order to take certain courses, students must have approval or permission from the ministry in order to alter their courses at an Australian university. Students who are enrolled in these courses do not be able to changing their course in Melbourne or when they have to change their program, it must be done prior to July 1st, after which the law prohibiting course changes is in effect. This is why these are facts that people should know regarding the change of course option to international students.

Some Ways to Change Course

Students who attend internationally-based universities such as Australia will have a variety of choices in their education, and each course will offer a variety of educational benefits. Thus, many students be tempted to alter their course from the one they are currently studying. Students must use a variety of methods to help them through the process of changing. This is why some methods are

  • Check the condition of your visa on VEVO
  • Request an option to change your course prior to July 1st.
  • Get expert advice
  • Find assistance from a university advisor

Therefore, these alternatives are readily available to students who want to improve their chances of changing their courses. Furthermore, students who require new courses in addition to their current programs can utilize these methods to assist them get their desired results. Therefore, those who are in need of a course change Melbourne should adhere to these simple and practical guidelines.

Details about form 1221

Students who want to change their major, research topic or any other course should fill out the form 1221. This form is designed meant for students who want to alter their education. When filling this form, students need to complete all the required information about the changes they’ll need to make. They should also include a pdf that contains the student’s information to begin the process. After completing and gathering all the requirements in the form, students need to submit it to the Bitnetinfoway@gmail.com website.

When they have completed the form, the applicants have to be patiently waiting for the final results and also the department of home affairs’ decision. This is because Australia’s government Australia must consider the request of the student, and also examine all the details of the students in order to learn about their history. They also must confirm that they don’t pose a threat to their society. After all of these procedures, they are required to be patiently waiting for the final verdict by the department of home affairs regarding the changes to their educational program.


These details are essential for students who take classes in Australia or in other countries. These information regarding the change in course Melbourne will allow them to understand all the requirements for students to handle their visas following the changes to the law within the nation. Additionally knowing these facts can help students obtain their visas for studying abroad.

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