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Why Australia is Favourite Place for Study?


Australia is the currently the world’s third most popular destination for International students only behind the United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK). In this blog we will explain why Australia is popular among students seeking for an overseas education.

World-Class Universities

Australia is home to 43 universities, a relatively small number compared to the number of universities in the US or UK. But the universities offer a high-quality education and compete fiercely with the universities of other countries with 8 universities from Australia ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

• Cultural Diversity

Taking in to account the huge international student population living in Australia, the population of this country is one of the most culturally diverse populations of the world. Especially, Melbourne is a melting pot of cultural diversity with it housing more than a dozen universities.

This means that you will study with students from all around the world and will enjoy many comforts of your home country such as restaurants, grocery stores, movies and festivals. If you only want to visit and see the wonders & culture of Australia then you must have Visitor Visa Subclass 600.

Beautiful Country

Australia a beautiful country, home to just about every type of landscape – from lush rain forests to thousands of kilometres of beaches to vast dry deserts, you can find yourselves lost in the beauty that is Australia.

The country is also a host of a number of world heritage sites including Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Northern Territory and The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. You have a vast array of scenic trips to cover in your student holidays.

Easy Access to Student Visas

Australia offers a streamlined process for the approval of student visas. There are several requirements for this visa but once you have met them, you will be granted a student visa.

Incredible Wildlife

Australia is famous for kangaroos but it also has some of the worlds most diverse wildlife. There are plenty of wildlife parks where you can find kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles etc. If you opt to study in a rural area, you can even encounter some of these animals in the wild.

Great Work Opportunities

In Australia, international students can legally work 40 hours per fortnight. This can help you pay for things such as basic living expenses, night outs, short trips etc. Once you graduate, you are also eligible to apply for a Post-study Work Visa for a minimum of two year during which time you could work full time. There are also plenty of opportunities to find a job in a field related to your study.

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