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What Happens If You Planning to Change Your Course in Australia


Are you curious to find out whether you can change your subject with the basis of a student visa? Our tutorial dissects the process and provides all you should know about college or changing your courses.

If you’ve already started your studies in Australia but don’t feel that it’s the perfect fit for you, no problem! Students who are international in Australia are able to change their programs, but there are certain factors to consider prior to doing so. When you move to a new area, school or system, it is important to ensure that the plans are in line with your goals for the long term. These goals have to do with your career goals, your education, or personal goals.

Can I alter my course?

Yes! You might be able to changingcourses as an international student in Australia under a Student visa (subclass 500) If you think that the course you’re currently taking may not be the best choice for your professional goals.

But there are some aspects to be considered before changing the course or studying program:

I’ve been studying my original course for at least 6 months.

It is not necessary be able to get a new visa as a student If you’ve been studying at your initial level for a period of six months or more and wish to transfer to a similar or higher-grade Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) program at your current institution.

Any changes to your academic conditions will be reported to your Department of Home Affairs by your school and you won’t have to change your Immi Account! If your current student visa is set to expire, then you’ll require an additional one.

Taking a lower-level or non-AQF course

You need to apply for a visa to study as a student when you are planning to study an unAQF-level program or a non-AQF one. There are some exceptions when you are transferring out of one program at AQF stage 10-level program (Doctoral Degree) into one of the AQF 9. (Master’s Degree ).

It is essential to keep in mind that if are enrolled in a package course (for instance, Foundation studies and university courses that are bundled together) beginning your primary course could affect the possibility of transferring.

I’ve only been studying my initial course for around 6 months.

The same rules apply if you have completed your first course for less than 6 months and would like to change the classes you are taking at your current provider.

Can I change universities?

You can switch schools after you’ve completed at least six months of studies and wish to switch to a similar as well as a higher level AQF program. It is likely that you will be able to transfer credits from the previous institution.

If you’re looking to transfer to an institution in Melbourne, You can check your eligibility to transfer credit with the institution you would like to transfer to.

  • Credit Transfer to Flinders University
  • Transfer at the University of Adelaide
  • is from the University of South Australia

Can I attend two universities at the same time?

If you are applying for a visa of subclass 500 it is necessary to obtain confirmation of enrolment by Best Educational Agent Melbourne. If you plan to attend a different university immediately after you have started the course in Australia You should notify the institution you attended initially in case this affects the validity of your student visa.

Can I relocate to another state for university?

It is possible to search for a place that offers an enviable life style, like Adelaide. It is good to know that you can go to the university of your choice in Australia by moving across the country. It’s a similar process as the procedure for changing universities.

What paperwork do I need to transfer to a different university?

Prior to moving to a new institution, a variety of documents may be required Each institution is unique. For instance, if you’ve been enrolled at a lower than 6-month duration for instance. In that situation you’ll require an official letter of release from the university you attend as well as any other documents required according to the school’s transfer policy. It is recommended that you spoke with an advisor to students who will guide you through the procedures and regulations for transfer.

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