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TAS State Nomination list for the year 2020-2021


In the TAS state nomination, Government made it very clear that they are going to prioritize the applications for the critical roles that will assist the Tasmania Government to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Tasmania Government, applicants must provide letter from their employer explaining how critical their role for the recovery of Tasmania’s Economy.

Non-critical roles application will not be processed until October 2020 or later.

Critical roles or skills include providing critical or specialist medical services, or delivering medical supplies associated with COVID-19 pandemic.

Other roles include supply of essential goods and services like medical technology, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, engineering and mining, supply chain logistics, agricultural technology, food production, and the maritime industry.

There are 2 PR pathways in Tasmania

  • Subclass 491-Skilled Work regional Provisional Visa
  • Subclass 190-Skilled Nomination Visa

The 491 Provisional Visa allows you to live and work in Tasmania for 5 years. One good news with this provisional visa is that it gives you additional 15 points to meet the minimum 65 points of Department of Home Affairs.

But it also comes with the maintaining obligation which requires you to live in Tasmania for at least 3 years and earn the minimum income threshold set by the Department of Home Affairs.

You are also given a chance to convert your 491 Provisional Visa to Subclass 190 after completing the 3 years requirement.

On the other hand, if you apply Subclass 190 visa, it gives you direct PR with the maintaining obligation of at least 2 years to live in Tasmania.

Applying subclass visa gives you additional 5 points to meet the minimum 65 points of Department of Home Affairs.

Currently, Tasmania Government is focusing on Category 1 which is Tasmania graduate and Category 2 – which is working in Tasmania.

These categories have different requirements depending on the provisional or subclass 190 visa.

So, this concludes our session on TAS nomination. For more information and PR pathways, please visit our website at www.pathwayeducation.com.au

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