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Skill Independent visa pathway education

Why do you Need a skilled independent Visa for Australia?


Many candidates want to work and live in Australia so that they can shape their future. Hence, there are many protocols that you need to follow. One of which is a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa for Australia.

This visa allows the candidate to work and live in Australia. There is a list of occupation which depicts the occupation requirements through which you can check if your occupation is eligible for the Subclass 189 visa. 

However, this visa lets you attempt an examination that tests your skill and any employer who needs an employee will sponsor you to Australia.

The average cost for this visa depends on many of the factors which also include the age that you have mentioned in your application. 

Henceforth, there are revisions of the cost of skilled independent subclass 189 visa from time to time.

Why do you Need a skilled independent Visa for Australia?

There are many of the benefits of this visa that also includes Australian permanent residence to you and your family. Here are some of the advantages that you need to keep in mind.

1- Work and live in Australia as long as you want.

2- Study opportunity to study in Australia.

3- You can also enroll yourself into any healthcare program or Medicare.

4- You stand a chance to apply for Australian citizenship.

5- Sponsor your loved ones for permanent residence.

6- Travel to and fro Australia as you wish.

These are the benefits that you are offered after you get this visa.

Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa

When you want to apply for this visa, you need to meet the requirements that are mentioned below :

1- Check if your occupation is listed on the skilled occupation list.

2- Meet the required marks by attempting a skilled migration point test.

3- Your age should be between 18 and 44.

4- Have a great command of English speaking.

5- Meet the health and character requirements.

6- Lodge for the EOI and be invited to apply.

You should check if you clear every point. You can graduate in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. After that, you have checked the requirements you can move ahead to apply for skilled independent subclass 189 and complete the steps.

Steps to Apply for the Visa

Step 1- Check if your occupation is listed there on the list of skilled independent visas.

Step 2-Make sure that you comply with all of the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Step 3- Attempt and clear the skill assessment test-launched by the Australian government.

Step 4- Make sure to find one of the sponsors who will invite you to Australia for the purpose.

Step 5- Now apply for the skilled independent visa and fill the form.

Step 6- At last, receive your visa and start your work.

So these were the steps to get the skilled independent visa. Hence, you have to keep in mind that the exam marks of the English and skill assessment are valid for three years.

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