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TSS Visa

Qualification for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa


A temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482) is also known as the (TSS visa). It is a visa that enables Australian employers so that they can invite any person across the world to work in their company. This visa was launched on 19 March 2019. 

This was launched as a replacement for temporary work visa subclass 457 that was abolished by DHA. When you have got the specified skills and talent that you can fill a job position then you are a great fit for an Australian company. 

However, complying with all the skills requirements will make you eligible for the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa to attend any job position.

Hence, there are three streams to temporary skill visa:

1- The short-term stream

2- The medium-term stream

3- The labor agreement stream

You can select the TSS that applies to your skills and CV or you can even contact the consolidated skilled occupation list. If you have to apply for an occupation that needs a short period then you have to apply for the short-term stream. 

And you will get the visa for 2 years. Now that you have got to know some basic details about TSS, then let’s move ahead to find out the qualification for subclass 482 temporary skill shortage visa which can help you get the approval easily. You can apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa.

Required Qualifications for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 

1- You possess an occupation that is listed on the list provided by consolidating skilled occupation. Because many occupations are not accepted by any outsider.

2- You have the recruitment invitation from any employer for any occupation. And, he wants to recruit you to work for them.

3- You have the required skills and qualifications for your job position.

4- You have a good 2 years of experience in working in the same field. So that the employer can be ensured that you are a perfect match for the position.

5- You have completed a certificate course in English speaking. So that you don’t have to struggle for communication. It also ensures that while you are working there, there is no communication gap between you and your team.

So, these were some required qualifications that a candidate must have to keep in mind while applying for the TSS. Hence, here are the steps to apply for the TSS visa.

Steps to Apply for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 

1- You have to check if your interested occupation is there on the list.

2- Ensure that you meet all the above-mentioned requirements.

3- Make sure that you have got a legit employer for your job.

4- Now submit the application form with all the necessary documents to the embassy.

5- You will need to wait for some time for approval.

6- In the end, you will receive the visa and start working as well.

So these were the required steps for the application for Subclass 482 temporary skill shortage visa make sure you don’t make any mistake at any point.

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