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Bachelor of Social Work Australia.

Is Social Work Course Getting a Bright Future in Australia?


It is safe to say that you are after a profession that allows you to further improve human well-being? Would you like to be equipped with all the abilities to help address the issues of the individuals who are powerless, abused, and living in poverty? If you’re enthusiastic to improve things and find it satisfying to remove suffering, then social work is the ideal course for you to take towards a successful profession. 

Factors to Consider About a Career As a Social Worker

The following are key factors to think about a career as a Bachelor of Social Work Australia.

• Job Outlook

The quantity of individuals working as social workers has become firm in recent years and is relied upon to grow a lot, from 32,900 in 2018 to 35,500 by 2023. Employment opportunities can emerge out of new positions being made, however, most come from turnover (laborers leaving). There are probably around 23,000 employment opportunities in more than 5 years (that is around 4,600 every year). 

• Making a Positive Impact

Social workers normally work with those who need their help the most. The inclination you get knowing that your position improves people’s lives and fosters the capability of people, gatherings and networks, is top-notch. 

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the individual you helped utilize similar social work standards to help other people. It is one of the most significant occupations as this profession gives a feeling of direction. 

• A Constant Flood of Excitement

As a social worker, no day will be the same. It will be loaded up with different energizing and testing circumstances. From a day in court to a medical clinic, you’ll have various opportunities to learn and have an impact on somebody’s life. You will always feel the excitement every single day. 

• Gain Transferability Skills

When qualified, social workers can seek a range of employment globally as well. This incorporates casework, directing, support, and commitment with people, families, bunches for government and non-government offices, including hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, community health services, and schools, and many more. 

Social workers are likewise utilized as private experts. If you choose to change your occupation, transferrable abilities will help you to find your new job. You can take Bachelor of Teaching in Australia for a bright future.

• Great Salary

Every day specialists on a grown-up pay can acquire around $1,829 each week (contrasted with the all positions normal of $1,460). Like most occupations, income, in the beginning, will be lower and higher as experience develops. 

Social Work Course – Bachelor of Social Work Australia

To function as a social worker in Australia, you need to finish a Bachelor of Social Work in Australia. The course gives both theoretical and practical experience. Bachelor of Social Work Australia is a four-year course that will outfit you with the abilities to work in different fields in social work and human services. 

After graduation you can pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Addictions 
  • Aged care
  • Child Protection
  • Disability Services
  • Family and Relationship Counselling
  • Income Support
  • Justice
  • Medical and Health Care

For more information on Social Work in Australia, please contact Pathway Education & Visa Service Australia.

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