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Skill Assessment for Teaching best and cheap provider in australia by Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)- Pathway education

Skill Assessment for Teaching

Are you interested in a teaching career? A positive skill assessment for teaching can take you to Australia to build a progressive career in the education and teaching industry. The skill assessment is done through the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Pathway Education works with a team of experienced migration and visa processing consultants and agents who provide effective services to guide you through the skill assessment requirement for bachelor of teaching in Australia and helps you get through the test effortlessly on the first try.

The AITSL compares your qualification against equivalent Australian standards to assess your skills. We at Pathway Education ensure your qualification meets the Australian standard requirement which will help you apply and get a skilled visa grant to migrate for your new teaching career.

What jobs you can apply for in Australia with a positive skill assessment for teachings?

Early Childhood (pre-primary school teacher with students 5 years or younger) (ANZSCO 241111)
Primary School Teacher (Students age 6-12 years) (ANZSCO 241213)
Secondary School Teacher (Students age 13-18 years) (ANZSCO 241411)
Special Needs Teacher (ANZSCO 241511)
Teacher for Hearing Impaired (ANZSCO 241512)
Teacher of Sight Impaired (ANZSCO 241513)
Special Education Teachers (NEC) (ANZSCO 241599)

Skill Assessment Requirement For Teaching Jobs in Australia

The candidate must possess 4 years or the equivalent of full-time tertiary education.
a) 4 Years Bachelor of Education or.
b) 3 years degree course (Any subject) + 1 year PGCE/PGDE.
Applicant must be able to provide evidence that they have completed at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice as a mandatory part of the teaching education course.
This supervised teaching practice will not be included in relevant work experience.
Getting an employment option with teacher training programs like Graduate Teacher Program (GTP) or the School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) is not considered suitable by AITSL unless the program brings a formal award with an academic transcript and a statement of supervised teaching practice, issued by institution giving the teaching qualification.

English Language Requirement for skill assessment for teaching best prpvider in australia Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership AITSL- PEVS

English Language Requirement

Stepping into a teaching profession in Australia requires a high English Language proficiency.
a) The candidate must score a minimum of 7.0 in IELTS reading and writing, and a score of at least 8.0 for both speaking and listening.
b) The applicant must have completed at least 4 years of higher education in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America.
c) The higher education must have yielded results in an award of qualifications comparable to the level of or equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree or higher and also include a recognized initial teacher education qualification.

Fees required for the skill assessment for teaching

Application of skilled assessment fees – AUD $845
The Appeal of Assessment Outcome – AUD $845

Skilled Employment Statement – AUD $228
Additional Copy of Assessment Outcome – AUD $97

Documental Evidence for Supervised Teaching Practice in Skill Assessment requirement for teaching

An official letter from the university that has provided the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) training is required as evidence of supervised teaching practice.
The ITE qualification must not be from affiliated colleges, schools, or training providers.
The Document must comprise of
a) Must be written on official university letterhead.
b) Be signed and dated by a university representative.
c) Clearly state the duration of the supervised teaching practice conducted and completed by the candidate.
d) Must clearly include the age range of students taught during the training program.
e) Clearly mention the state in which the practice was conducted and completed.

List of Documents required as skill assessment requirement for teaching best provider australia Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership AITSL

List of Documents required as skill assessment requirement for teaching

Application fee paid Receipt
ID Proof (bio page of the passport that contains your name, photo and date of birth. If a Passport is not available, a detailed birth certificate is needed).
One Recent Passport-sized photograph. The photo must not be more than 6 months old and should be of good quality with improved clarity. (Self-taken images are not acceptable).
Qualification Evidence (Award certification, Academic Transcripts).
Employment Evidence (Salary Slips, Official Employment letter, promotion letter, Statement of service on the company letterhead stating your full name, working hours, official position title, exact duration of employment, latest salary structure and contact details).
Documental evidence to proof Change of Name (If applicable).

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