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Study Bachelor Course in Social Work Australia

If you have a keen interest in understanding and studying human nature and behavior, then humanities, Master of social work Australia or human services is the best career choice for you. Australia is one of the topmost countries to host institutes that offer some of the cheapest bachelor courses in social work, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Gold Coast and Sunshine.

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What will you learn if you study humanitarian courses in Australia?

You will interact with people and learn about their lives, their problems, the challenges they face and the ways they regularly cope up with them
You can focus on the various troubles faced by people in the society and try to solve their problems, offer undying support, care and fight for justice for them.
You will get the opportunity to change or break social barriers and introduce new insights into different cultural norms, society and restricted communities.
You will be trained in socio-economic factors and social justice issues that will help you to improve the standard of living of individuals and communities.

Various types of services you can offer with the cheapest bachelor course in social work, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Gold Coast and Sunshine

Health Services and Aged Care
Arts and Humanities
Child and Adolescent Welfare
Criminal Justice
Public and Humanitarian Service

Social Work
Women Services
Disability Services
Migration and Refugee Services
Advocacy and Research

Social Work Course Details

Course Duration: Full time 4 Years Course

Eligibility Criteria

A minimum score of 6-7 in IELTS and all modules or bands
60% minimum marks should be obtained in Australian 12 or equivalent

Fee Structure

The fee structure to study bachelor in social work Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Gold Coast or Sunshine is different for different institutes. But approximately the course fee ranges from $24,000 to $36,500 per annum.

Career Prospects

The cheapest bachelor of social work Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania, Gold Coast or Sunshine enhances your prospects to join local and international non-profit organizations, community centres, hospitals, schools, public and private sectors and many government initiatives

The demand for qualified social workers is high in Australia and with a degree from an affiliated university gives you an Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) accredited qualification. With a knack in social welfare and leadership skills, the average pay scale for a talented social worker is about $55,000-70,000 per year.

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