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How Do You Get Your Family member to Australia by obtaining a Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600?


A Visitor (Subclass 600) Visa, or, sponsored family visitor visa 600 is a type of family Sponsored Visa. It allows the holder to travel to Australia for a short period of time to participate in tourist activities, visit relatives or perhaps attend short study or a training course. It’s comparable to a tourist’s visa however the difference is that the person traveling has an individual located in Australia who is able to “vouch” for them.

If you’re a parent or a close relative, you are able to sponsor anyone. The fact that you have agreed to assist them does not guarantee that they’ll get the visa.

If members of your family aren’t eligible for an eVisitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authority, they need to apply for a family-sponsored visa to travel to Australia (ETA).

If they are able to obtain an eVisitor, or ETA, you can let them come and meet you without having to have a sponsor.

You are able to sponsor any of the family members listed below If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident of more than 18 years.

– Parents

– Children

– Partner or spouse

– Siblings

– Grandparents

– Grandchildren

– Aunts

– Uncles

– Naughties or nephews

It is the “step” equivalent of any of the categories listed above.

Eligibility for Sponsored family visitor visa 600


As you are likely to be aware, the person who sponsors for the stream sponsored by family could be an individual from the family like sibling, parent as well as a spouse. even an Australian state official.

The family sponsored family Visitor visa 600 (under the subclass 600) is offered in the following situations:

If you are planning to bring a relative to Australia for a visit visa, you can sponsor them. In this case you have to be a resident in Australia and the other individual is required to enter Australia only as temporary visitors.

Whatever country they’re visiting and the new members must meet the standards of character and health. The applicant must also have sufficient funds enough to cover the cost of their trip to Australia. Certain requirements could be applicable depending on the country where the applicant will be arriving. With the help of a skilled migration agent in Perth this can be discussed in depth and addressed.

Only those who have been sponsored by a sponsor will be permitted to travel to Australia via this method. Tourist visas of 600 is available if additional relatives wish to travel to Australia. A sponsored visa application as well as an application for a tourist visa can be processed and submitted simultaneously.

These visa applications can be submitted both online and in person.

The following benefits are offered to applicants via the Sponsored Family Stream

The person is able to stay in Australia for as long as 12 months by obtaining an entry visa for tourists of 600 under the family stream. Once the passport expires the person’s stay in Australia is not able to be extended.

This visa permits you to visit an individual in your family or an acquaintance in Australia and remain at their house for a maximum of 12 months.

The purpose behind your visit to Australia with this visa may be a cruise trip or a trip to the tourist area, or any other motive which isn’t connected to business or medical procedure.

A visa subclass 600 in Australia. Australian visa class 600 allows you to participate in an approved course of study or training for a period of 3 months.

Tourists who have this visa aren’t allowed working in Australia.

The visa requires that the applicant quit Australia prior to the time the validity of the visa expires.

The family member being sponsored must be able to stay outside of Australia while completing the application and won’t be allowed to enter Australia until the visa application is approved.

If you are planning to travel to Australia and be a sponsor for a family member as well as be sponsored by an immediate family member, get the help of an Visa Consultant in Perth. Contact our experienced immigration agents for professional assistance with any of your permanent or temporary Australian visas, or if you would like to relocate to or from Australia.

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