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Requirements of Partner Visa 309 Subclass for Australia Partner Visa.


This document aims to give a general overview of the partnership visa 309 and the concerns that you must address when applying for the visa. It is focused on the most common scenarios in offshore partner visa applications but does not offer all possibilities or scenarios.

It is also outside our scope in this presentation to provide a comprehensive outline of all the pertinent aspects you have to take into consideration. We recommend that if you’re considering seeking a subclass 309 visa that you conduct the required additional enquiries to ensure you’re informed about your admissibility, the procedure for applying as well as the documentary proof prerequisites prior to submitting your application.

Australia Partner Visa requirement

It is important to understand that the Australia Partner Visa requirements and application process can be complicated and long-winded. Prior to you apply for your spouse’s visa you will need proof of all necessary papers and satisfy the requirements for qualifying.

What are Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas in Australia?

An Australian spouse visa can be an alternative term used to describe the Australian spouse visa. The primary applicant, i.e., the Australian spouse, has to have the status of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen.

A HTML0 Australia Partner Visa requirement visa permits one to take their spouse (husband or wife) or the de facto partner (fiancé or fiance, who is in a relationship that is committed) in a committed relationship to Australia.

Eligibility Requirements for an Australian Spouse Visa

The primary requirement for getting the Spouse Visa to Australia requires that the relationship last for a long time and be authentic.

Your spouse and you have an apartment in a permanent location. You must be married for the prior 12 months. Both partners must be in good health and meet the requirements for character and health.

  • Application process of Partner Visa subclass 309

If you’re engaged to, or in an intimate relationship with an Australian permanent resident, citizen or a qualified New Zealand citizen, and you’re stationed in another country. In this scenario, you could think about applying for a partner visa 309 as a possible way to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

The application is a two-step process that requires you to complete a joint application for temporary visa (subclass 309) and a permanent residency (subclass 100 visa). The first step is to be screened for the subclass 309 visa for temporary purposes that allows you to visit and remain in Australia with Partner Visa needs while Immigration examines the application for permanent residence.

The subclass 309/100 combined application must be made from outside Australia and you must be in Australia at the time that you receive the visa temporary. You are able to make an application for the visa category 100 inside or outside Australia.

The applicant will be assessed to determine whether you qualify for the visa subclass 100 for two years after you have submitted your application. You will be granted permanent residence in Australia If your application is approved.

It is crucial to remember that Immigration will verify whether you still meet the conditions of granting the visa for a partner during the review of the subclass 100 visa application. A crucial aspect of evaluating your application is whether you’re still married or are in a formal partnership with your Australian partner.

  • Application Fees

The current fee to submit a combined subclass 309/100 Visa application is listed as a table below. Keep in mind that the fees may alteration, and you should verify the fees that be applicable to your particular situation prior to beginning the process of filing. Be aware that the costs could differ based on the particular situation you’re in.

  • Processing Time

Based on 25 to 80 percent of applications The current processing time for subclass 309 visas ranges from 5 to 32 months.

Be aware that this is only an estimate that is subject to alter. The time you need to finish the application process will also depend on your individual circumstances, including whether you provide all required documentation, or if problems arise when evaluating whether you meet requirements for visas, which may require the Department to conduct further investigation.

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