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What is Australia Subclass 491 Visa and Its Processing Time?


Subclass 491 visa processing period is intended for skilled persons chosen by a state or territorial government or supported by a relative eligible to work and live on the remote areas of Australia.

It is good for five years, and permits you to travel between and to Australia whenever you’d like.

After three years of your 491 visa processing date After three years, you can apply for permanent residency (subclass 191 visa). This article will cover how to apply for the 491 Visa Procedures in 2021, comprising qualifying criteria as well as a points table the state-specific nomination requirements, as well as the time frame for processing.

491 visa processing time

Here is the latest average processing time for 491 visas:

Subclass 491 Visa processing time for visas is about six months, for 75% of visa applications, and 8 months for 90%.

Subclass 491 Visa (family supported stream) processing time is about 9 months in the case of 75% visa applications, and 10 months for 90% of visa applications.

The processing time of each individual is contingent on the particular circumstances of the applicant as well as how well the applicant’s application is that is submitted for consideration by the Department of Home Affairs. The Department of Home Affairs processes many well-prepared applications quicker and more efficiently than average.

Do you wish to be sure that your 491-visa processing application is submitted in the most professional possible way, and is completed as fast as you can. In this situation, we suggest contacting one of our expert licensed Migration Agents to handle your file.

491 visa requirements

Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa is a visa for temporary use that allows for permanent residence by submitting a Subclass 191 Skilled Regional (Permanent) visa upon satisfying the requirements for 3 years of residency within a specified regional area of Australia in possession of the Subclass 491 visa. meeting income requirements for the 3 years, as well as other requirements set out in the Subclass 191 Skilled Regional (Permanent) visa.

Subclass 491 Visas are available to skilled individuals who have been or are nominated by a state or Territory government agency or arranged by a relative who is eligible to reside, work and study in select regional areas over a period of five years.

Documents Required for 491 Visa

  • Passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Language Competency Report

Expense Involved

The applicant’s primary applicant has to be able to pay an amount of AUD 4115 to apply for an application for the Skilled Work Regional visa subclass 491. There is a separate cost for each entry successively made by eligible family members.

Benefits of 491 Visa

Here’s the list of benefits which come with being an Australian citizen:

  • An opportunity to work and live for the rest of your life in Australia for the remainder of your existence.
  • Continue your studies in Australia.
  • Join the Australian Health-care program of the Australian government.
  • As an applicant principally Your spouse is also admissible.
  • If you are a subsequent entrant, family members of yours or eligible relatives could also be permanent residents as a result of this sponsorship.

Eligible Family members

– Your de facto partner or spouse

– A dependent or step-child

The grandchild who is the dependent of a parent who is a dependent or stepparent

They must have an actual visa or Bridging Visa or Bridging visa at the time the application is submitted, and must also be a parent of an individual who has the visa number 491.

Family members Over the age of 18,

must be proficient in English

– Be in compliance to the Australian Health and Character standards

– Use your Australian values systems

A person who has had their visa removed is not eligible for another application.

How to apply

There are a variety of steps required to apply for the subclass 491 visa starting with determining if your job is listed included on the Skilled Occupation List, collecting documents, having your skills assessed and then filing to get an application for a visa.

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