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Professional Year Program

The Best IT Professional Year Program Providers in Australia


Australian people enjoy a well-balanced and successful life. Australia is a prominent option for people who want to work, study or reside in a sober, social setting. This country provides migrants different educational offers to build them, excellent Professional Year Program.

Do you have any interest to be a permanent resident of Australia? If you are a student then, it is very challenging for you to attain a permanent residency. You have to fulfill certain requirements.

But with a professional year course, it is very much easy to secure a job and residency in Australia. If you are an IT-related person and want to get a job as an IT professional in Australia then go through this article to get more information about the Australian PY program in IT.

In the era of competitiveness making a successful career in IT in a different country is quite challenging for any non-resident student. In this country, there are a vast range of employment options for fresh graduates in IT.

Being a fresh graduate if you are looking for a course that will not only enhance your career but also make you ready for the Australian market then a professional year in IT in Australia is what you are looking for.

Several educational institutes offer students the students to study professional year in IT in Australia. This course will enhance prospects and provide personal and professional skills to prepare them to face the new challenges with confidence and strength.

Benefits of theProfessional year programfor IT in Australia

By this program, fresh graduates get the opportunity to gain experience about Australian workspace cultures in real-time with internship and workshop programs. Pathway Education is the Best Student Visa Service providers in Australia

  • With the help of this program, students can learn and improve executive communication skills and can build a network with the leading professionals of their field of interest. It also enhances peer-to-peer interactions.
  • They can sharpen their IT skills by implementing them in practical use during the internship period in a real Australian workplace.
  • By participating in this program students can claim 5 points under-skilled occupation as stated by the department of home affairs. These test points can be useful to meet point’s criteria when they are applying for permanent residency.

Eligibility for the program for a professional year for IT in Australia

  • Applicant must be under 50 years of age
  • The candidate must have completed an IT degree course from a renowned organization in Australia. It must be completed over 18 months. It will provide at least two years of credit points.
  • Must score a minimum of 6 in the IELTS score or any equivalent language proficiency (IELTS) test.
  • Must hold a PTE score of 50 across all modules
  • Must hold or at least have applied for a graduate visa (temporary visa subclass 485) that should also have a validity of 12 months.

Check about PYP for IT in Australia over the internet. Enroll in the Professional Year Program to achieve the skill set needed for the Australian marketplace.

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