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The Benefits of a 491 Visa: Why it's a Great Option for Skilled Workers

The Benefits of a 491 Visa: Why it’s a Great Option for Skilled Workers


To attract skilled foreigners to the region of Australia New provisional skilled visas were issued on the 20th of March this year.

One of them includes the subclass 491 skilled Work Rural Visa, which provides a path to the status of permanent residence after three years living and working in the region of Australia.

In addition to providing, you with access to Medicare in addition, the requirements for subclass 491 visas permit those who have a visa to work, live and even study in certain regions in Australia. In addition, it provides numerous ways to re-enter Australia which allow you to be able to enter and leave Australia whenever you want while your visa is valid.

There are more Professions Eligible for 491 Visa Australia

You must hold one of the jobs that are on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skilled List in order to be eligible for a skilled Independent Visa (MLTSSL).

Candidates to apply for the 190 visas can use both the MLTSSL and the list of Short-Term Skilled Operators (STSOL).

The Regional Occupation Selection, which includes two of the mentioned positions, is available to 491 visa applicants and includes a larger list of skilled occupations (ROL).

Those with 491 visas can apply for Medicare Australia

Candidates who have applied for the visa might be qualified to be eligible for Medicare which helps in the cost of going to an acupuncturist, taking medications and obtaining other health services, even though the visa is temporary work visa of five years with the possibility of a permanent Residency 191 Visa. Medicare has limitations on coverage, as not all medical expenses are covered.

Prior to traveling, those with visas should be aware of the limitations and consider their options to get private health insurance. Visit Medicare website for more information. Medicare website for more details.

Geographic 491 the visa nomination process is significantly simpler than the visa 190 processes

Australian government must continue to support talented immigrants to work and settle in the region of Australia.

In the end, the requirements for nominations to 491 are more lenient than the criteria for the 190 visas that people can obtain by living and working in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

To find other options for permanent residency in Australia people who are not able to obtain 190 in metropolitan areas may have to move to a regional area.

Both NSW 491 as well as the NSW the 190 Visas are both easy to obtain. Consider the 491 requirements for South Australia as an illustration for a 190-dollar salary, an experienced professional chef from South Australia needs 12 months of work experience.

For a 491 visa, less EOI points are necessary

Another advantage to applying for a visa 491 is that you will only have be able to accumulate 50 points by yourself since the government will give you 15 points in exchange to be nominated.

There are two visas, the 491 and the 190. Both remain to be a source of debate. Each visa comes with distinct advantages, including the 190 visa’s instant entry into permanent residency, while the 491 visa’s status is temporary and a possible four-year or longer waiting time to apply for Australian PR.

Someone who works and lives in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane but has trouble finding an NSW State nomination Victoria nominating state, as well as a Queensland state nomination could be looking to apply for a 491 visa to an area that is rural in Australia.

Backlog of skilled visas following the pandemic: visas 491, 489, and 190

Because of its huge popularity and the massive epidemic that took place between 2022 and 2020 the requirements for 491 visas processing took longer than anticipated.

In July 20, 2022, there’s a huge backlog in skilled visas. This is something the department of labour has classified as a skills shortage.

The concerns about the effect on both companies and applicants have caused officials from the Department of Home Affairs to shift resources and recruit more staff to decrease the number in visa application.


A high standard of living and famous educational institutions can be located in Australia. The country offers foreigners with a high level of education many career options. For highly skilled professionals who are from outside, Australia provides the 491 Visa.

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