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How do I be eligible for a visa with number 491?

How do I be eligible for a visa with number 491?


A visa number 491 comes as a present that is especially appropriate given Australia being the most sought-after nation for international travel! The stunning Australian landscapes are welcoming newcomers with great excitement.

With the visa you is now able to learn, travel, and become an Australian citizen Australia in the span for five years. The highly skilled working regional visa 491 is a non-permanent visa that permits all employees who are qualified and their families to live, study and work in specific areas of Australia.

The visa is valid for an expiry date of five years. Its 491 visa processing time in the vicinity of between 12 and 14 months. The person who is applying for the visa to be a family member that has the status of an Australian legal citizen, or the person applying to be a government official.

How do I meet the eligibility Criteria for a 491 visa?

These are the most important conditions for eligibility, described in short:

  • Age maximum of 45 years or less
  • Have an Advanced Level of English
  • Conduct a skills assessment for the profession you are considering.
  • You have a genuine determination to live your life, work and learning in Victoria. Victoria particular area.
  • A job offer
  • Find the financial resources you need.

Here are the explanations of the above elements:

·         Age limit:        

If you are planning in applying for a visa 491 the age requirement is below 45. If you are over 45, you cannot be eligible for visa number 491

·         Have an advanced level of English;

The principal candidate must be able to speak English at an advanced level. Other English proficiency tests are also accepted. OET, TOEFL iBT, PTE Professional, and Cambridge English Skilled are all recognized as valid language tests through the Home Affairs Department that can be taken to obtain equivalent to the IELTS equivalent.

Following this after this, the 491-processing time of a visa is about one year.

·         Organize a skills evaluation for the proposed profession.

If you are submitting a nomination form an authentic and positive talent evaluation must be obtained as it has to be connected directly to an online form.


Your resume shouldn’t be longer than four pages, and include the following details:

  • A complete explanation of the obligations and responsibilities in connection with any job
  • Work schedules
  • timings for training and developing training

·         Have a sincere desire to do all of your living, working, and studying in a particular region of Victoria.

The principal candidate and dependent family members have to provide evidence of their sincere intention to live in Australia.

·         An employment offer:

Candidates who are seeking for nominations should provide evidence of an existing workplace offer for employment in a specific regional centre. The job must be within the field you are working in and it must be full-time for at minimum one year.

Employers will also be receptive to suggestions for temporary employment.

In order to prove that you’ve got an official letter of employment It is possible to provide these proofs:

  • A letter or contract proposal that’s been signed, and includes your company’s ABN
  • Employment Verification Letter
  • A job announcement in writing from your employer
  • Outlining the major duties

·         Get the necessary finances resources.

In order to ensure you’ll be able to ensure that you and your family are able to survive to survive in Oregon upon arrival There are qualifications for financial resources within the region.

The criteria for years of age English competence, as well as points total are similar to the Department of Home Affairs’ acceptance requirements, i.e., you have to be younger than 45 years old, possessing a high level of English scores of at least 65 and be able to pass a positive skill evaluation in the field you’re interested in.


The visa 491 permits employees to travel to and from Australia at any time they wish for a period of five years starting on the date the visa is granted. The most appealing aspect is that from December 16, 2022 the employees will be able to apply for permanent residency visas in Australia. Additionally, the 491-visa processing period is between 12 and 13 months. Permanent resident status can be obtained after three years for those who were granted a visa 491 permitting them to remain within an Australian region for not more than five years.

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