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Ways to Extend the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 of Australia in 2022

Ways to Extend the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 of Australia in 2022


Australia is a lovely area to live in. The vast majority of overseas students who come to Australia to study choose to stay once they graduate. They apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 to stay in Australia for a longer amount of time for this purpose. However, because visa 485 is a temporary visa, it will expire after a set period of time.

What does a 485 Graduate Temporary Visa?

For international students who have finished school from an Australian university, a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is available. Foreign students with specified abilities and certifications that Australia requires are given Visa 485.

In the 485-visa application, you can also list your family members. Each member of your family must meet the medical and character standards. Most significantly, each member of the family applying with you will be charged separately. Furthermore, when applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485, you must be physically present in Australia.

It’s a one-year visa. Students can live, study, and work in Australia during their stay. However, the Australian government has provisionally extended the visa 485 stay time. The stay duration has been extended to 24 months under the new policies. These 485 visa extensions are valid for visas issued on or after December 1, 2021.

Temporary Graduate visa 485 Melbourne is available to international students under the age of 50. When qualifying for a Provisional Graduate 485 visa, you must have had a Student Visa 500 in the previous 6 months.

In 2022, How Then can You Petition for a Temporary Graduate visa 485 Extension in Melbourne?

Foreign students have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 Virus. The Australian government has been working to repair the damage that Covid-19 has created. It has temporarily extended the residence length of a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 for this reason.

For comes into contact by the Covid-19 epidemic, Australia is presently giving a 485 visa extension. On a 485 visa, foreign students can now stay in Australia for up to 24 months. The prolongation only applies to visas issued after December 1, 2021.

COVID-19 Postgraduate Substitution Program (Extended)

This alternative streaming will only be offered to foreign students who are impacted by Australia’s visa requirements.

The Replacing Visa will acknowledge foreign students’ dedication to Australia. It will recognise the disruption to plans caused by Covid-19 and other related travel restrictions.

Here are brief Guide to Extend Temporary Graduate Visa 485 

Applications for the Temporary Graduate Replacement stream will be accepted starting in mid-2022. The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 holders who are eligible for the Covid-19 Temporary Graduate Substitution Stream would be extended until September 30, 2022.

Is an English Test Required for a Temporary Student visa (Subcategory 485)?

As part of your visa application, you may be asked to provide proof of your English proficiency. Take IELTS, an English language competency test for study, work, and migration. You can take an IELTS test at any of our Australian IELTS test centres because IDP is the founder of the IELTS test.

Will We require foreign student health insurance to support my temporary graduate visa application?

If you have a valid student visa

, you will already be protected under an Overseas Student Health Cover policy at the time of application. With your visa application, you should attach proof of your current OSHC.

However, in order for your Temporary Graduate Visa 485 to be finalised, you’ll need to purchase 485 visa health insurance at some point throughout the visa processing term. The Ministry of Home Affairs will contact you because they will need proof that you have purchased a policy that meets 485 standards before granting your 485 visa.

Conclusion: The 485-visa extension is intended to assist overseas students studying in Australia. The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a negative impact on overseas students. As a result, the Australian government is embracing returning students and extending visas. International students are welcome to return to Australia to finish their education and apply for jobs.

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