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Business Migration Visa Australia

Easy Visa Process for Business Migration Visa of Australia


Are you considering starting a business venture in Australia? Then, you need to apply for a Business Migration Visa Australia. But to apply for any Australian visa, you need to go through a legal process under Australian migration law. When you meet all the legal requirements at each step, your visa will be granted. The process usually takes 9 to 12 months and offers you a chance to organize your departure.

Follow the process for an easy business migration visa. 

Step 1: Visa Application

The application for a visa is made online. It includes verified copies of your profession and documents of your work experience. Also, it involves a certified translation and other formal documents. The Business Migration Visa Australia application are as follows: 

Primary visa application: $3755
Applicant over 18 years: $1,875
An applicant under 18 years: $940

Step 2: Register an expression under skill select and be invited to apply for a visa

When you are being approved, you must formally express an interest to apply for the visa through skill selection. Then you should be requested by the Australian Government to apply for a visa. There is no cost involved when you use it for skill selection.

Step 3: Put together business and assets documents

You should give documents about your business and your network resources. These documents are to demonstrate that your business is qualified for this visa. With your application, give:

An outline of your business vocation and goals in Australia

This can include:

  • A statement laying out your planned business or speculation activities
  • A description of your exploration or study in relevant areas in Australia 
  • A description of your business’ exercises in Australia, and the time of proprietorship, if applicable

Step 4: Financial assets

Give proof that you, your partner, or you and your partner joined hold required absolute net business and individual resources. You are more likely than not to gain these resources legitimately. You should have the option to move them to Australia within 2 years after we award the visa. 

You will be needed to designate a particular date inside 90 days preceding we welcomed you to apply. Pathway Education has the best immigration agent melbourne.

Step 5: Medical Exams and Police Certificates

To enter Australia, you must comply with strict health and character requirements. After you apply for the visa, you need to have a medical examination with a local doctor registered with an Australian Embassy. Those who are migrating need to have the exam. 

Also, the department of Immigration will demand a police certification for each country you have lived in for 12 months over the last ten years. You can get it from the local police in those countries. 

The medical exam costs nearly about $275 per person. You can pay directly to the local doctor. The cost of getting a police certificate depends on the local police authority. Mostly, there is no cost related to this application. 


If you are a businessman and keen to invest in Australia as part of a venture, the immigration agent melbourne business skills visa is the right option for you. It is a destination that is highly attractive and has a thriving economy. Follow these easy visa processes and get your visa approved without any hassle. 

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