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covid-19 assistance

COVID-19 Assistance and Help from Universities and Colleges


Covid-19 has been an unprecedented event in the modern times affecting the whole world. The international student community is being one of the worst affected communities due to the pandemic. The lack of a stable job market and the citizens first policies of the governments around the world have impacted the international student community. Here in Australia, universities and colleges are coming forward to assist students facing difficulties. Some of the assistance programs are as follows:

RMIT University

RMIT is offering its students an emergency monetary relief to cover the cost of food, housing, study-related expenses (other than fees) and other living and essential expenses. The university is also offering

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Discounted homestay accommodation for international students
  • Fresh and frozen meals

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne has recognised the financial impact experienced by students affected by COVID-19 and is offering special grants to affected students. These grants include

  • Costs for temporary accommodation
  • Costs associated with temporary self-isolation
  • Essential technology such as hardware or software to facilitate flexible learning
  • Loss of income assistance

Deakin University

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Deakin university has developed a support scheme for students in need. Support options include

  • Fee extensions
  • Other relevant monetary support such as accommodation and loss of income

Charles Sturt University

Charles Strut University is offering a COVID-19 Student Support Grant for students affected by the pandemic. This grant includes financial assistance to support students up to a maximum of $500.

Federation University

Federation University is offering financial assistance to international students impacted by a reduced income due to the pandemic. The assistance may include

  • Weekly assistance of up to $300
  • Fee due date extensions
  • Technology assistance for students who are unable to study remotely

Victoria University

Victoria University has created an emergency student support fund for students adversely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The university has been utilising these funds to issue grants to affected students. These grants include

  • Emergency financial grant for students impacted by self-isolation, quarantine requirements or job losses
  • Essential living or study expenses related to food, healthcare, textbooks and materials
  • Technology grant to support students in transitioning to digital study
  • Crisis housing support to students encountering hardships

Swinburne University

Swinburne university has deployed a wide range of support for international students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include

  • Support for financial hardship
  • Due date extension for tuition fees
  • Long-term laptop loans for students without a computer
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