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commercial cookery course

Career Options Await after a Commercial Cookery Course


Interested in learning commercial cookery courses? 

You are watching Master Chef and a thought came “I could do that too!” then you are passionate about cooking. But do you love to pursue that? Are you interested in studying a commercial cookery course? 

For the past five years, the commercial cookery sector has been rapidly growing. Thanks to Australia’s ‘food’ culture! Also the demand of customers and popularity of owning hospitality businesses increases. 

In the next five years, employment will significantly grow, so give edges to your knives, clean your apron, and a bright career in the commercial kitchen is waiting for you. 

What is Commercial Cookery?

Commercial cookery just like the name states is an occupation of preparing and serving food. Also, it is in a business setting and carried out this role by chef, cooks or kitchen hands. If you are looking to build your career in things related to food, take a step forward! 

After finishing a commercial cookery course, you can take your skill to the next level with any kind of hospitality venue. It includes:

● Restaurants

● Pubs and bars

● Cafe or bakery

● Hotel

● Catering company

What are the Career Opportunities in Commercial Cooking?

Several opportunities are awaiting you. Let’s take a roll in some of these that you could fill following your completion of a commercial cookery course

Fame on Industry Growth

Numbers state that employment levels are predicted to grow in the mass occupations within the food and beverage services industry. The employment growth is focused on restaurant, cafe, and takeaway food services specifically in roles like:

● kitchen hands

● chefs

● cooks

● fast food cooks

● bakers and pastry cooks

● food trades assistants

According to the count of employment advertisements between 2015 to 2020 to strengthen the occupation, the top jobs in demand are:

● Waiters

● bar attendants and baristas

● café and restaurant managers

● food trades assistants

● chefs

Commis Chef – Assist a Section Chef

One of the very first jobs, after you graduate from your commercial cookery studies, is likely to be a commis chef. It is a junior novice chef position that will see you appointed to a certain area of the kitchen. 

The appointed area will change as per the need of the kitchen. It will be a great perk in your category as when you first start as a chef, you will learn a lot of different things. 

It will be a nice experience to learn while assisting your head chef in a fast-paced environment. Working there allows you to learn a variety of tasks and know how to tackle responsibilities. 

Chef de partie – Trained chef

The duty of chef de partie is to expertise in one specific area of the kitchen. They are responsible for running that particular counter smoothly. The chef de partie might specialize in a particular section but they are still skilled in all the other areas of the kitchen. 

For huge kitchen handling, the chef de partie would have one or more assistants to help them run their section. 

Sous chef de cuisine – Second handler in kitchen

The second command of the kitchen will be given by the sous chef. It means they are not experts with fine skills but they have great leadership skills. The sous chef looks over the kitchen and makes sure the communication and appointing between stations. It states that they need to be observant, decisive, and a quick thinker. 

Chef de cuisine – Chef’s head who leads and manage

The chef de cuisine is the head chef who plays a supervisory role majorly. With the front of the house, there is a lot of communication involved. Their role consists of making sure that the kitchen is growing and business continues to thrive. 

The head chef does not have a responsibility to cook in the kitchen but they supervise all the things. 

Chef executive 

Executive chef role you will observe in huge commercial restaurants or hotels. They will smoothly handle the kitchen as well as the staff. Also, they are responsible for creating menu items. They kind of act like a managerial role and make sure to maintain consistency across all kitchens. 

Wrap up

Are you still waiting to plunge into better times? Don’t wait any longer! Start with a commercial cookery course and the government has made it quite easier than ever. Explore your options in cooking and let your bright career sizzle with success. Take your taste buds with you and make it popular all over the world.

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