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Study Commercial Cookery Certificate Course

In this modern world, cooking is considered to be an art that not everyone excels in. If you are comfortable in the kitchen, then it is high time you take a step ahead and apply to study a commercial cookery course in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine.

Australia is popularly known to have some of the leading chains of hotels and restaurants in various cities. A degree in Commercial cookery can give a new definition to your expert culinary skills and expose your exceptional talent in the role of a chef in a renowned restaurant kitchen in Australia.

At Pathway Education we inspire every skilled individual to choose their own career path and seek the opportunity to develop a prospering career in their desired industry. Pathway Education works with a team of professional educational consultants who is competent to provide effective guidance to choose the right institution and course that matches with your skills, educational backdrop, career aspiration and ability.

Apart from proficient consultation, Pathway Education is also properly equipped with profound knowledge and expertise in admission procedures, Visa processing and migration facilities. If you desire to establish a career in a cheap certificate course in commercial cookery course Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine, prepare yourself for your dream, Pathway education team will take care of the rest efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria to study Commercial Cookery certificate course in Adelaide:
An overall score of 5.5 in the IELTS with a minimum of 5 in each band.
Completion of Year 11 schooling in Australia or equivalent

Commercial Cookery Certificate Course

If you wish to study Commercial Cookery Certificate course in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine, the complete course comprises of two major parts

1. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery:
A structured one year course that certifies you as a qualified chef. The course program is designed with both theoretical and practical lessons on cookery. At the end of the course, the students are mandatorily put through an internship program of 10 weeks in an established hospitality enterprise like a restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shop, etc, as a trainee chef.
This certificate course teaches you the fundamentals of commercial cooking and prepares you to confidently face the professional environment in a restaurant kitchen with guidance under other experienced chefs.

2. Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery:
Certificate IV is an extended training program of 6 months that is opted by those who have already completed the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and wishes to step a little ahead, more than a cook in a kitchen. Certificate IV establishes you as an individual chef who is qualified to work independently without any guidance or help.

Migrating to Australia if you opt to choose a cheap certificate course in Commercial Cookery in Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Sunshine

Pathway Education team can help you with the desired migration services at the most affordable and convenient processes to shift to Australia. The eligibility criteria for the course include

Provisional Skills Assessment(PSA)

The Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) from the Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485). But before placing an application the candidate needs to successfully complete the 2 years commercial cookery certificate course and produce the completion certificate to the concerned authority.

Criteria to Get the PSA

Valid Student Visa
CRICOS registered qualification for commercial cookery recognized by TRA
Proof of relevant work experience of a minimum of 360 hours in an established restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc
Minimum work experience of 3 years required before applying for PSA

Once you have the PSA, you need to apply for the Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 485) to opt for the for a cheap certificate course in Commercial Cookery:
Eligibility Criteria for subclass 485 Visa application:
2 years Australian study document requirement
An overall score of IELTS and a minimum of 5 in every module
The course must be in MLTSSL
Work Sponsored Visa

Reasons to Choose Pathway Education for your Admission in a cheap certificate course in commercial cookery in Adelaide

Affordable Service Packages
Certified and Licensed Company
Providing Comprehensive Services in Admission, migration and visa processing
Years of Experience and Dedication in the relevant Industry
Customer Centric Approach with a Professional Educational Consulting team
Efficient and Timely Service available
Every type of Visa processing and migration services available
Takes complete responsibility in relevant and industry standard documentation

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