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A Step-by Step Guide to getting the Australian Citizenship Visa


A person who is applying for a permanent residence visa is able to change their status to citizenship after three years’ official work. One of the advantages of this Australian residency visa for permanent residents is it permits the applicant to relocate with family members.

Australia is among the most desirable nations where you could apply for permanent resident (pr) visa, since it permits you to work and live within the nation for five years. The applicant who has applied for permanent residence can change their status to citizenship after three years’ working in a formal capacity. The most appealing aspect of an Australian citizenship Melbourne Visa is that it permits individuals to travel with their the family.

Australia Permanent Residence Visa: Eligibility Criteria    


Needed Points: Candidates must earn at the least 65 points within the points grid.

Candidate Age Limit: The candidate’s age should not be more than 45 years.

Language Proficiency: The applicant must be demonstrated at that you have a high English level of proficiency.

Health and Personality Assessment:  The candidate should be in good character and health.

Skills: are a must for any candidate to be assessed on their abilities. The chosen Australian authorities evaluate the qualifications and work.

Occupation: The applicant must be employed in a profession included in Australia’s list of skilled occupations.

You must be an Australian permanent resident for at least one year. You must reside for at least one year in Australia in a minimum of 9 of 12 months prior to the time you submit your application. (Before you can apply for citizenship you must be a holder of the temporary residence permit. Some of the most common permanent residence visas are – general skilled migration, partner as well as employer-sponsored visas).

You must be a legal resident of Australia for at minimum four years prior to applying. (1 Year of continuous residency and three years on temporary visas is acceptable). You have not been away from Australia in excess of 12 consecutive months during the past four years prior to when you apply.

How can you apply for permanent residence in Australia?

Step 1: Choose your field of work from the list of skilled occupations (sol)

Step 2: apply to become eligible to use the Australia Points calculator. You must achieve a minimum of 65 points using the calculator for points. These points are based in relation to education, age and skilled work as well as language proficiency.

Step 3: Go to the official Australian Citizenship Melbourne skill select website to submit your expression of interest (EOI) using the skill selections. Fill in all the information required.

Step 4: When your request is successful and meets all requirements, then you will receive an the opportunity to submit an application to Australia permanent residency.

Step 5: Fill out the application for permanent residence. The applicant will have 60 days to submit their applications for permanent residence. You must provide all the valid documentation required to support the process of obtaining permanent residence in Australia.

Step 6: Provide police and medical clearance certificates.

Step 7: Get your visa grant.

Australia Permanent Residence Visa Application Cost:

The process cost required for an Australian permanent residence visa for the applicant who is the primary one is 1,95,000.

* The price for Australian dependent visa applicants older than 18 years old is R 95,180.

* The price for applicants with a visa dependent in Australia who are under 18 years old is : $48,000.

Spouse application for permanent residence

Spouses and family members who are Australian citizenship Melbourne citizens are not granted the right to automatically apply for Australian citizenship. You’ll need to submit an application for citizenship, and meet the eligibility criteria, just like other applicants of adult age. In any case, you could be eligible for an interpretation of the residency requirement.

The time you spent outside when you were a permanent resident can be considered time that you spent in Australia as long as you establish a connection with Australia. The same applies to the Australian citizen’s spouse or spouse and their interdependent partners. Australian citizens.

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